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    Default Old Dominion Endurance Ride - Trail Are Ready!

    Last weekend my trusted riding buddy Judie A. and I rode and cleared 20 miles of Virginia trails for all of you coming to ride the OD in June. What a great weekend we had! We did just one really long and slow ride on Sunday but camped out for the 3-day weekend. It was down in the 40s every night and only around 70 degrees each day, can't get much better than that!

    We camped at the Old Dominion's base camp in Orkney Springs, VA. The fields have new no-climb type fencing around them which will have gates to shut up for the evening hours. Thank you AERC for grant money put to good use. We had horses get loose a couple of years ago and run off out of camp. This shouldn't happen again, at least not once the gates are closed.

    I just wanted to encourage those of you withing driving distance to either enter one of the rides on June 8th or to come as a volunteer. We have free housing in local cabins for volunteers and hot showers for all at the same location. Of course we have shirts and meals for all volunteers. Also great chance to shop at the endurance tack vendors that come to the ride.

    The 25 mile LD distance is actually a fairly easy ride compared to many LDs, very do-able. The 50 is tougher, mostly because of slow going on rocky sections and the possible heat. It is the smart rider, not the fast rider that completes it well.

    If anyone wants to learn more about our ride please contact me or go to: for more info.

    Bonnie Snodgrass

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    I'm bummed that my brother's wedding is the same day because I really, really wanted to come
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    Good to hear the trails are ready, Bonnie. And thanks a million for your help! You're the best!!

    I'll be there helping at the 100 miler's 60 mile pulse-and-go with Karen, and will come early enough to help pulse or scribe for the LD's coming in for the final vet check. That's always fun...and crazy when everyone comes in off the trail together.

    Keeping fingers crossed for a perfect summer day for all the riders.

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    great job! Clearing trail can be hard work. I hope you didn't encounter too many pokey plants (in our area it is the dreaded poison oak). Volunteers are the lifeblood of this sport. I'm way on the other coast, but hope everyone has a good time and safe ride.

    That is great about the boundary safety fences, wish all ridecamps had those.

    This year I'm volunteering to do sweep riding for Tevis, another thing that people who might not be riding can often qualify and volunteer for (and no need to be an endurance rider, a good trail rider is perfect). There are probably sweep riding groups in much of the country.
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