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    Nov. 30, 2006
    The Isle of Wight

    Wink Shameless Brag... Share yours too!

    You all have been so supportive of my pursuit of better flatwork and my crossing over to Dressage-land for help with my Hunter-land adventures.

    Long story short - The horse I have been taking to the lessons is green, but he threw a shoe earlier this week and stepped on the clip (NO more clips for him). So, he was not able to go to the lesson this week because he is lame-o. Instead of canceling, I decided to take my been-there-done-that 20 year-old hunter prince.

    He was a star! The instructor loved him and he was so good. We worked on simple exercises and really concentrated on transitions. I got to work on me much more than when I take the green bean! It was really nice to take my superstar and have him do so well.

    We had a good day. The weather was great. Please share any good lesson stories and good rides here. I always enjoy reading about them

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    i have too green beans. its tough, the first tie i have been starting two horses at the same time and not had a senior btdt type to work on, congrats on your nice lesson

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    Oct. 11, 2007
    Andover, MA


    Shameless brag: I went, on fairly short notice, to a ride-review-ride clinic on Sunday. My mare gets tense away from home, especially when she has to ride in the trailer by herself. (I do a LOT to work on this, but to some degree it's "just who she is.")

    So our first test was really, really tense. Clinician complimented me on "getting on a tense horse and just keeping moving forward" and for accuracy... it might have been an ugly test, but every movement (except for the transition to right lead canter, which I knew might not be easy) happened right when it was supposed to. This was my (and my horse's) eventing background showing

    The second test was better, though still not good... and she said I showed off my horse's forward nature much better. No one detected that we were both really, really tired and I really had to push her through that test.

    Tired but happy.
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    You have to have experiences to gain experience.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    I've been working on improving my seat for... ever. My horse has the hardest trot I have ever tried to sit, and yesterday I ended up spending about an hour in a sitting trot on him, transitioning between working/medium/collected/super collected toward passage. I was doing well enough after our ride to go get on another horse. She is the horse my trainer keeps sticking me on when I should feel I've made progress, instead of just using words to tell me. First ride on her I couldn't get more than 5 strides of trot at a time because if you lose balance or tip she stops. Next time I rode her I could get her to trot forward, and it wasn't hard to sit, but it was exhausting. Yesterday I was surprised to find she was sensitive and forward and easy to ride, and her trot was as simple to sit as my mom's Friesian cross. I thought I was sitting my horse's trot better simply because he was making it easier on me - turns out I'm simply sitting the trot better overall.
    My horse is a dressage diva so I don't have to be.

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    Nov. 30, 2006
    The Isle of Wight


    Good job guys! It's the little things that count. These small successes lead us on to better things!
    Keep the brags coming!

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    Oct. 27, 2009


    I'm shamelessly bragging about my second ride almost completely without stirrups! I come from an eventing background and I have this irritating tendency to tip forward, rendering my seat WAY less effective. I seem to get a handle on it, then when the work increases in difficulty it sneaks back out. In prep for our PSG debut we've been really working on the tempis and we're having some straightness and some strongness issues, both of which can be traced back to me not using my seat effectively. In just two rides we've made HUGE strides in the tempis and this work on myself is really improving ALL of our work.

    It also leaves me with some pretty sore muscles... I'm walking around like I'm 80 years old No pain, no gain though!

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    Dec. 6, 2008


    At last week's lesson I had a lightbulb moment - if I *actually* keep my hands upright (thumbs on top) my elbows are soft, rather than rigid hard with piano hands, Wash goes SO much better. Softly into contact, bending, on the bit. Who knew? (Yes, I have been headdesking myself a lot.)

    Then I was able to recreate this all on my own!!!

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