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    Default Steam Mops

    Can anyone really recommend their steam mop? I bought a Steamboy and hate it! The pad just won't stay on with the little draw string apparatus. Not for me! Would love to have one that does a good job (lots of animal traffic) and is user friendly (simple!) to use. Thanks!

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    Mar. 26, 2005
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    I got a Shark (on sale) on the strength of COTH recommendations & I have to say I'm really not all tbat impressed.But then, probably a lot of the Fail is due to my total lack of housekeeping skills.I HATE washing floors, so wait way too long and then the microfiber pad get so filthy I have to change it halfway through.It does a decent job of cleaning my Pergo & hardwood floors as well as the small amount of linoleum in my mudroom, but just not worth dealing with the microfiber that has to be washed after every use.If Shark - or any mfr - had a disposable head I might be more inclined to use it.
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    I bought a Bissell steam mop based on the recommendations of either COTH or another horse bb. I am very happy with it, no complaints. If you don't like washing microfiber heads, don't bother with this one though.

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    Aug. 18, 2003
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    I have a Shark and liked it for awhile but it no longer produces steam (no idea why). I found a site online that described how to take it apart and unclog it, but to no avail. I wasn't very pleased with how the floor looked afterwards either - kind of dull.
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    I've got a Shark.. I think it's the pro version with the detachable steamer so can be used with handheld attachments. I like it and seems to do a god job on my floors. Hubby and I did wonder if you could use something other than just straight water in them, but I never got around to looking it up on the web... Anyone know?

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    Dec. 19, 2007
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    I love my Shark steam mop. It does well on the wood, tile, and linoleum. The pad is barely dirty after I use it, but I am really strict on keeping my house clean. Especially the floors. It hasn't failed be in over 4 years.

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    I have a Shark steam mop, and I do like it. I don't like using a lot of chemicals
    of the dogs & birds in my house. I mop probably 2x a week as I like going
    barefoot in the house and I like to keep things clean. I could see if you didn't
    use it pretty regularly, that the microfiber would get gunked up and not clean
    so well.

    But, I don't have 'farm dirt', I live in a townhouse, and the dogs don't go
    with me to the farm.

    Also, as far as not producing steam - have you called Shark ? I had trouble
    with my Navigator Lift Away vacuum, the beater barn in the foot attachment
    pooped out on me. I figured I'd just buy a replacement. When I called to order it,
    they shipped it to me at NO CHARGE for a vacuum that was out of warrenty and
    well used (I have 2 shelties and those birds that I'm cleaning up after).

    So anyway, I like their products, and love their customer service.

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    May. 13, 2007


    I have an Oreck steam mop and I like it. Had it about a year and no complaints. The pad has come off a few times, but I've got that figureds out and it rarely pops off anymore.

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    I have a Eureka floor steamer and it works well. I don't use it all the time, but I have never had any trouble with it, the pad stays on, and it always works.
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    Sep. 11, 2011
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    Any other brands out there people recommend? I'd like to get one. Half of our house is tile floor, and I hate the line of dirt a mop leaves. I tried the Hoover FloorMate, and the damn thing is worthless.

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    I have the purple Shark, paid about $40, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! I want the big bad one!
    I use it on tile, lino, and carpet! I have WAY too many cats, and it does a great job of cleaning up after them, and making my cheapo carpet look new!

    Only thing I don't like, the head cover shrinks a bit and makes it hard to close, but I did throw it in the dryer a few times.

    To the person who wantd to know if you could put something else inside, NO! I tryed vinegar and it got clogged, no problems cleaning it tho, and I didn't google how to do it. I do spritz my floors with Kids & Pets first tho


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    Dec. 21, 2005
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    I'm on my 2nd Shark. The first one lasted about 18 months before clogging, but I was running it on hard Florida tap water. The second one gets only distilled water and is still going strong.
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    I cleaned a friend's house for her last week. She uses a Swiffer and let me tell you, I was really impressed. Her kitchen floor is white linoleum and gets super dirty - 3 dogs, it's where they come in from the barn, takes a lot of heavy traffic.

    That floor was sparkling when I was done. I'm buying one.

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    Mar. 9, 2006


    I have the older model HAAN that I bought about 4 years ago and it still works great. I have about 80% tile in my house too.

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