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    I would rather watch Swamp People and Ax Men over Duck any day of the week.
    I love Glenn Geist and Troy along with Willie on Swamp people. I adore Shelby on Ax Men. I like it cause they are just to funny and a lot of it is about family and using the swamp to survive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtrot's View Post
    I was hoping someone from Louisiana would know the area, the people, or something, and could fill us in on details.

    The show has strayed from its grass roots somewhat and they seem to be looking for content, but they do seem like a very nice family, and a funny one at that. Can Si really be true?! Since Benelli became their big sponsor there is a lot - lot - more killing, product placement, etc. And there seems to be a new shiny truck or toy in every episode - not so redneck, eh?

    Hate to admit it - we love the show!
    I have heard that they are like they are on the show. Rednecks are very much into their toys... at least the ones that I have known are.

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    I don't know about Duck Commander employing half of the town but they do produce some really nice duck calls. As for the beards, lots of men that duck hunt grow beards during duck season to help conceal their faces so it might just be taking that to another level.

    I love the comment about having trouble understanding some of the dialogue because when the show first started several friends commented that they could not figure out why they were using text on the screen while characters were talking. Down here we find it distracting!

    I love the comments. Shelby on Ax Men is hilarious also. Has anyone watch Swamp Pawn or Cajun Pawn? Any comments on those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bopper View Post
    I have read that A & E had gotten some negative comments because Duck Dynasty shows both praying and guns on their show.
    Don't know why. In my experience, the two, more often that not, go hand-in-hand.
    I am the humanist, atheist, liberal, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, outspoken, science-loving feminist that your parents warned you about.

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    I'm ok with the shooting as they seem to respect the wildlife/habitat and even use what they kill (on the show). Phil spends a lot of time working on his habitat but does take glee in destroying beavers.

    I'd love to meet them.

    Willie even got invited to President Obama's media roast dinner along with all the A list celebrities! He looked quite handsome all clean and fresh and Kori was gorgeous.
    Proud member of People Who Hate to Kill Wildlife clique

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdolapp View Post
    I would rather watch Swamp People and Ax Men over Duck any day of the week.
    I love Glenn Geist and Troy along with Willie on Swamp people. I adore Shelby on Ax Men. I like it cause they are just to funny and a lot of it is about family and using the swamp to survive.
    My favourites on Swamp People are the same.......but I also feel sorry for Willie since Junior shot him twice, and he has been snake bit more often than anyone has a right to be.

    I did try watching Duck Dynasty but just cannot get into it.
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    I love Duck Dynasty because it reflects a real, funny, plays hard, works hard, family. I love that the kids are all respectful to their elders. I love that they give each other total crap. Some of the shows are more of a stretch than others, but it is the dynamic between them all that keeps me watching. I do cringe at some of the incredibly sexist comments.

    I watched Swamp People for awhile, but lost interest pretty quickly. "Choot 'em" has become a regular punchline around our house, but the shows were basically very repetitive. That poor dog that keeps getting off the boat is going to be gator bait and some point and I don't want to see that!
    If you believe everything you read, better not read. -- Japanese Proverb

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    We love Duck Dynasty but can never watch it anymore since we nixed our cable. It's one of the few shows I miss.

    Didn't I see a few OT's ago a poster who actually sold a horse to them? I firmly believe that if the US was more Robertson and less Kardashian the country would be a much better place. I follow them on Twitter, FB, and Instagram and they are constantly quoting scripture, or achievements of others in the family. I think that it's great how comfortable they are with WHO they are and they don't try to claim to be anything different.

    As far as the adopted son and the foster daughter, a much better investment of their wealth than the next latest pair of shoes or technology. The biological kids accept them both just as they accept their other siblings. The family loves and cares for them, although I had no clue about them until I started following Korie on Instagram.

    My OTTB's show name (Happyhappyhappy) AND barn name (Sadie) were inspired by the show because we love it so much.

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