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    Feb. 9, 2005
    Upper Midwest


    We just had a freak storm. 7" in just a few hours after days and days of rain, and one of the pastures turned into a wide, raging river. The current also took out our main driveway. I realize this is probably a once every 100 years type of thing, but the wire fence is a disaster. Really loaded down with debris, limbs, mud, etc.

    So one more thing to think about, that I hadn't before, is if there is even the smallest chance water will go through the area. My field was normally dry area--at most the low area would get a little water after heavy rains, but there isn't a tiny creek there or anything like that...normally.

    DIY Journey of Remodeling the Farmette:

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    Apr. 17, 2002
    between the barn and the pond


    There is no perfect solution, honestly. My idea would be v mesh/flex fence top board/hotwire on inside. With your flooding a board fence could have been splintered and destroyed or trees down and boards gone. No such thing as the perfect fence.

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    Nov. 15, 2005
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    Quote Originally Posted by microbovine View Post
    I use wire to keep things out as well as horses in. Stray dogs, stupid neighbor's aggressive dog, coyotes, etc....
    my own dogs, the neighbor's geese, wayward children...
    I love my mesh fence with a sight rail. Worth every single penny I spent on it.

    Looks nice, minimal maintenance and very secure. If I needed to, I could add hot wire/tape pretty easily, but I haven't had to. I even got all wire filled gates, too.

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    Apr. 11, 2006
    Lodi Ohio


    I have V mesh (no climb) but it is 5' tall and zinc coated. I highly recommend the height so they won't hang over it, and the zinc keeps it from rusting. I had the fence installed by pros that drove (pounded) the posts at 8' and that fence looks as good 6 years later as it did the day they installed it. It goes up hill and down, too. I have also not had one horse get into trouble with it. I do not have a top sight board (nothing to chew on that way) and they see it just fine with the posts being only 8' apart. It maybe more expensive than 4 board or reasonably close in cost but worth every penny.

    Vet calls from bad fencing can be very $$$


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