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    Apr. 6, 2007
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    Default My mare has a kidney stone in her urethra-

    My new mare came with a problem. When she arrived, it looked like she was in season all of the time. Then came the uterine culture that was positive, but the infusion and flush didn't work. Sent to be bred and still had a pos. culture. So the vet gave systemic antibiotics- still no help. A check of her urethra showed a stone! So now we'll try to remove it.

    Has anyone had a similar problem and did the mare recover well, with no damage to the urethra?

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    I am of no help in the equine world, but it is common in dogs and cats. They do very well once stones are removed

    Good luck and hope it all goes smoothly.
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    Ok females, humans, dogs, cats, horses, etc., don't have the narrowing of the urethra that males have. So you won't have that problem with the kidneys stone. Males have the urethra narrowing as it goes into the penis. Learned that years ago with male cats although one queen had kidney stones/sand too.

    You might try coesequin. Don't ask me why it works, but I learned about it on Coth for kidney stones/sand in cats and use it on my cat who was on prescription drugs for kidney stone/sand. It works great as preventative. My cat has never had a problem since I started giving him cosequin daily last year. And he eats a lot of seafood.

    You do want to keep the urine acidic. You want to use substances like cranberry juice, used by humans for kidney stones, and you want to keep lots of fluids in your horse. The more fluids in your horse, the more you flush the bladder.

    So ask you vet if he's every heard of using cosequin for kidney stones. Works great on cats. I've not had to use it on my horses as they drink a lot of fluids each day. Although they will need it soon for old age/joint issues.

    Good luck. When my father had a kidney stone many years ago when I was in college, he said it was more painful than being shot.

    And once the stone/sand is gone, the urethra is just fine. Don't worry about that. Worry about preventing kidney stones/sand. Lots of fluids, acidic urine, and cosequin, if it works as well on horses as it does on male cats.

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    Apr. 6, 2007
    Prospect, Ky.


    She has had it removed safely. It was the size of a large goose egg. She is so happy now- so happy she got in foal right away!
    Fleur de Lis Hanoverians

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Great update ! Enjoy ! Glad she 'back' to feeling fine ~

    WoW ! that was fast ! didn't even get a JINGLE & AO posted !

    Glad she is 'back' and feeling better ! Enjoy !
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "

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    It was the size of a large goose egg.
    Holy cow!! That poor mare. No wonder she feels better!
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