I posted awhile ago about my cat having front leg lameness that switched legs. She got xrays and to sum it up there is something wrong with her shoulders but my vet doesn't know what. He's been in practice for 40 years and has never seen anything like it and he also asked his visiting orthopedic surgeon who had no idea. He is currently looking for a cat radiologist to refer to and has been asking around other regular vets that he knows. He even took the xrays with him to a vet convention to see if anyone there had any idea. The way he described it to me (and keep in mind he really has no idea what it is) is that it looks like she still has open growth plates in both shoulders but she is 2 years old. The angle of her left shoulder is different/worse then the right and the general bone density is weird. So while he's been searching for a diagnosis she's been happily limping around. Now the pain seems to be getting to her and she is less happy so I put a call into the office to try to get some pain meds while we figure out the diagnosis. He was trying to not start nsaids in case steroids were a better option for what's wrong. So my two questions are has anyone else had shoulder problems with their cat and what was it? And what is the best cat joint supplement that I could try to see if maybe it would make some difference. I know she needs a powder or liquid she would never eat treat or pill supplements.