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    Default New or used trailer?

    I'm trying to wrap up my trailer shopping and actually buy something, but I am a little stuck between tracking down something used and just ordering something brand new.

    I am specifically looking for a Kingston 2H with no dressing room.

    I have found a couple, all seem to be about a decade old and with asking prices within $4k of buying a brand new one.

    I know a couple years back that kingston moved to better galvaneal on their frames, which may make a difference. Additionally, buying new, I have access to an all-aluminum model.

    They seem to hold their value well, so obviously buying used is cheaper, but buying new seems to have its advantages too-- no need to inspect the trailer, can get all the features I want, no worries about where the trailer has been sitting and rusting for 10 years, etc.

    So assuming that the price difference was sort of immaterial (I mean, it's nice to save money, but this is a 2h and we're not talking the difference between $17k used and $40k new...the difference is often less than $3000) would you go new (and potentially all aluminum) or try to track down something used?

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    With that small of a price difference, I would go with new.
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    If you can afford it, new is almost always better. Think of how many people have problems with the electrical wiring, not to mention the issues you mentioned. Aluminum means you'll be able to haul more. My steel stock is 3200lbs before I put anything in it, plus it rusts like crazy. Aluminum sounds really good right about now.

    Have fun and enjoy your (new or used) trailer!

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    Go with new. I have a 2004 Kingston 2-horse BP that I bought new - nine years old and it still looks as good as the day i towed it off the lot. Kingston's are great trailers and hold their value (hence the reason why their used ones really aren't much cheaper than buying new) and last forever. People tend to hang on to Kingstons so it's hard to find used ones. I almost traded mine in for their new all-aluminum trailer last year but decided not to - didnt see the point since mine is still in amazing shape (& paid off!). So yes buy new .
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