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    Default What makes a saddle squeak?

    Type of leather, construction, the tree? I have always just presumed but now wondering really why.
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    I think it depends. I've had saddles squeak if the tree was broken.

    My new saddle will start to squeak if the leather starts to get too dry (it's still pretty thirsty).

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    My new one squeaked incredibly loudly when I first got it. A few applications of oil and a few break-in rides and it no longer does.

    The most basic answer is friction, I guess--when 2 surfaces are not sliding over each other like they should, you get a squeak.
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    Squeaks can come from a number of things: a broken head plate, a loose or missing rivet, a broken rail or spring bar, a loose stirrup bar, leather rubbing on leather or a spring bar rubbing on the tree. If you suspect an issue with the tree, take it to a good fitter or saddler and have them drop the panels and inspect the tree.

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    Both times I had a saddle squeak, it was a broken tree (Antares, both times). The one with the loudest squeak was broken at the pommel (side to side, rather than front to back).

    A saddler should be able to take a look and tell you if that is the issue.

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