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    Default Wetting Hay and Grain?

    One of my horses has been coughing a lot lately. Since he doesn't have a temperature or nasal discharge, the vet told me to try to wet down the hay, the shavings, and the grain to see if it helps. My question is how should I go about wetting the hay and grain? And for how long?? Thanks in advance!!

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    Put water on it. jeeeeeeeez.
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    A hay net in a muck tub that is then filled with water so the hay can soak is the easiest way to do it. Let it sit for a few minutes then hang it up. Just add the water to the grain and feed it as a mash.

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    Grain and shavings can just be lightly sprayed with a hose.

    Hay can be more challenging--putting it in a haynet and dunking it to soak for several minutes is one way (large muck tub will work for all but the most gigantic serving of hay) or you can get a very large clothes hamper (with large-ish holes) and fill that with hay then hose it down and dump the hay in a feeder after it's wet.
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    I always add water to the pellets etc that I feed. (I am not sure how well it would work if I were feeding whole grains.)
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    Yes, just take the hose and spray the stall lightly. Stir some to make sure you have enough moisture to keep the dust down (and not so much to make a mess).

    Grain you can either make it into a total wet mush pile or sprinkle it with water and shake it all so it is all coated. Whichever your horse prefers.

    I have had good luck with the hay net filled with hay and the muck bucket for wetting hay. I soak the hay with the hose making sure it gets everywhere and then pull it out of the muck bucket. I hang it from the the gooseneck part of the trailer to let it drip a little before feeding it (just to cut down on the mess a little).

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    My friend who soaks her horses' grain puts in in a flat back water bucket, covers with water and hangs the bucket in the stall after it soaks. Rotates between two buckets so while one is hanging the other is soaking. Seemed easier than dumping in a separate feeder that doesn't come off the wall.
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    For hay - I have a wheelbarrow dedicated to that - put the hay in- make sure it is soaked through, then fork it out into big tub in stall using metal hay fork. I don't soak it for long- I just make sure fully saturated. |This has worked for my horse for several years so see no reason to change the method. Advantage of using a wheelbarrow is that it is easy to dump the water.

    Grain- um- just add water- I add water to the grain for all the horses.

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    To keep the dust down on your bedding, get a garden chemical sprayer attachment that goes on your hose, and put mineral oil in it. The oil will keep the dust down when the water is long gone, and you don't have to soak your bedding.
    For hay, I usually put their hay in the corner where they eat, and fluff the flakes out as I spray into them with the hose. Soaking totally submerged in a water trough is probably more thorough, but is a bit more work as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowneDragon View Post
    To keep the dust down on your bedding, get a garden chemical sprayer attachment that goes on your hose, and put mineral oil in it. The oil will keep the dust down when the water is long gone, and you don't have to soak your bedding.
    For real!? I've never heard of that! I'd be scared it would get them nasty if they lie down to sleep though.
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