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    Question Keeping Kitty Off my Porch

    Let me preface by saying I love kitties and would love to open up my home to any and all of them... BUT I'm afraid this one is going to be mentally damaging to the psyche of my current kitteh

    I recently moved to a new apartment complex on the first floor to make it more pet accessible for my own cat and puppy. Everything is going great and I love the place, but we have a bit of a squatter. Starting a while ago, when I would take the dog out, a neighbor cat comes over and rubs on the pup, says hello, walks with us etc... I thought it was lovely gave him a pat and moved on. Later, found out that the cat is semi-stray, but another resident sometimes lets him sleep in his apartment and has taken him to get shots, fixed etc... but he regularly wanders/lives around the complex. So, enter last week's rain storm. The cat found its way to my porch to weather the storm. My own kitty, Crockett, went NUTS. He was doing all of his scary cat things he could think of - slobbering, licking lips, making demon noises - and was absolutely charging the glass door. I didn't want to make the kitty go off into the rain, so I moved my cat to the bedroom with his bed and things until the storm passed. But now the cat will not stop hanging out on my porch! I've been careful not to feed him or anything as I don't want him to "adopt" us. Poor little Crockett completely loses it every time he is there and I am worried about 1. beginning territorial behaviors like spraying that I have never had a problem with and 2. he is a FLUTD kitty and stress can be a trigger.

    Suggestions? And in other news - anyone in the Atlanta area want a very very sweet polydactyl cat who has his shots???
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    I'm having the same issues with one of my neighbors who had a baby & now doesn't want the cat in the house. Grrr. All I can say is you need to make your porch unappealing - whatever it takes. I watched "My Cat From Hell" and they rigged up sprinklers to go off. You need to nip it in the bud BEFORE your cat starts marking. Good luck!

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    Depending on how many people, and animals come in close proximity to your porch, something like this might work.
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