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    Oh my gosh, the donkey is the worst! He looks so pitiful and pleading!

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    I used to board my boy at a former thoroughbred breeding farm so the grass was always rich. The first summer he was fine with the grazing muzzle, but the last summer we were there, he decided he wanted no part of the muzzle. He would enlist the help of one of his buddies to pull it off. His buddy would grab it and he would back up and somehow get it off. I also tried tying it to the halter but that was not an option after he got it stuck half on and half off his face. Luckily, the farm had small medical paddocks so we alternated one day in the big field and one day in the small paddock and that worked out fine. We both got what we wanted - he didn't have to wear the muzzle but yet did not have full access to the rich grass. We were both happy as he did not mind the small paddock at all. Friends used to see him with the muzzle on and say "isn't that mean" and I would say "not as mean as having him die from laminitis".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxyllsk View Post
    Is it true that there is less sugar in the grass overnight ? Because I sure would like to let my mare have the muzzle off overnight, they are on
    24/7 turnout now.
    My understanding is that the lowest sugar was in the grass AFTER the overnight (dark) hours, not during them. So, morning grass would be lowest in sugar, and evening would be highest.

    Unless I'm totally wrong. But it was my understanding that it was related to the sun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emirae1091 View Post
    I bought a replacement rubber disk (with the hole in the middle) for the muzzles have metal bottoms for cribbing and just put it in the grazing muzzle with the 'enlarged' hole.
    Where do you get them?
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

    Remember the horse does all the work, we just sit there and look pretty.

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    Just dealing with having to assault one of mine with a grazing muzzle for night turn out. Following above posters advice, I stuffed carrot, grass and more grass through the hole. Worried all night! But there was grass in the muzzle in the morning, so I'm guessing that the poor thing's problem is partly solved. It won't be completely solved till winter comes.
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    Taking it day by day!

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