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    Default Posting for a friend... 2 yr old started cribbing after having high fat feed

    From my friend:

    I do have a rather frustrating situation I would love to hear others experiences on.... My 2 y.o. TB just started cribbing. It started when we accidentally fed him some of the high fat food and he cribbed on his food tub. He never cribs on the wall, only occasionally when he eats. We put forage in with every meal and it seems to have worked, but he still does it every once in a while. We take his food tub out of the stall at night and he wears a nutcracker collar too. Thoughts?

    It doesn't seem to be a boredom thing, more of an 'ouch I ate too much rich food thing'....

    Thanks for your thoughts!!

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    Cribbing, especially after eating a meal (especially a grain meal), can be indicative of gastric ulcers. Since he does this after eating, and especially after eating grain, I would be highly suspect.
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    Ulcers until proven otherwise.

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    Yes, another vote for ulcers.

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