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    Default XEntry, Event Entries Online, or Mail?? Please help a Canuck! I'm used to paper...

    We're not very sophisticated. We mail or Fax.

    Opening day for a busy event in WA state is tomorrow. It looks like I can enter via Event Entries Online. Is this the way to go?? Can I submit payment via credit card, or do I still have to mail in a form??

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    My personal preference is Event Entries. You can do everything online and pay with a credit card with a "convenience fee" which is totally worth it IMHO.

    My second choice would be an old fashioned paper entry and a check.

    My only experience with XEntries was not so good. Got to the horse trial and was asked to pay again since they are notoriously slow with transferring funds, and at the time you also still had to mail a paper entry too, so it was just as much work as a paper entry, but with added billing drama. Fortunately the organizers were very understanding and said they'd send me a bill if my XEntries money never showed up.
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    Once you submit and pay for your entry through Xentry can you change anything? ie rider, level etc?

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