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    Quote Originally Posted by vineyridge View Post
    What happens if your order is held by customs? Does Abler reship? With my luck, my order will disappear.
    The time that mine got lost (or held by customs, or swallowed in the black hole of the USPS...), I had to wait a certain amount of time to see if they showed up, then Abler reshipped. I can't recall how long...I had done the expedited shipping and that really didn't seem to help, so after that, I've just done the normal shipping. My other orders have taken about 2 weeks to arrive.

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    Haven't read the 3 pages of posts here...however, until recently I have been ordering "pop rocks" regularly for about a year. Yes, it sometimes takes 1.5 months to receive the package, then again I sometimes received them in 3 weeks. All I can say is plan ahead, and understand that you are ordering a product from Seychelles and one that is not approved by the FDA. Abler was honest, worked with me when I didn't receive packages, and sent out a replacement immediately when I called.

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    Well, I placed my very first order, ever...regular shipping...two weeks ago, tomorrow, thinking "no way on earth, would they be here before my horse camping trip this weekend". Lo and behold, they came today! I had just pulled down our road as my mail carrier arrived, so didn't even have to make an extra trip the post office to sign for the package. I am one happy camper.

    ETA: I did NOT receive a shipping confirmation, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cottonXCblondie View Post
    This coming Monday will be two weeks from when I ordered. Since I read EVERYTHING on the website, it hasn't worried me but the title of this thread had me leaping in here Still doesn't say it's shipped but I know I still have another week before I can question anything.

    That's why you thoroughly READ everything. Like contracts!
    UGH just contacted them to ask if it had been shipped yet and my bank apparently denied them. Dear bank, when you do this, please call me.
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    I've ordered from them before. I believe if you pay a good amount of extra then they will overnight it, but that still doesn't "rush" customs. So the quickest they can do is about 5 days. If not it takes about 18ish days. Sorry! In the mean time you can go to Sams Club and get their generic Prevacid?

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    Mine came super fast!!

    After the start of the tread I jumped over to entirelypets and bought a 6 pack Ulcergard.

    So the time line is as follows:
    Monday 13th: place order with Abler
    Friday 17th: Bitch about Abler because order hasn't even been processed. Start thread on COTH. Call Abler--tech said that they should be processed on on Sat 18th. (also said that the processing can take up to 72 hours. Which is 3 days. So they were a little behind on the processing. Dear Abler, 72 hours does not = 6 days)
    Friday 17th: Place order for Ulcergard
    Tuesday 21st: Receive Abler order
    Tuesday 21st: Recieve Ulcergard

    Total time for pop rocks from order to delivery - 10 days.
    They were seriously shipped and delivered within 4 days.

    SEEEEEEE! I knew I read somewhere that it only took 4 days.

    I guess somehow I was super lucky.

    Also, I was expecting an item that looked like pop rocks. These don't look anything like pop rocks! I'm glad to see they are so small.
    I gather [from my selective reading] that everyone puts them in the food. Which I find curious.

    Omeprazole is supposed to be taken before eating. Due to the teeny size of the little guys I have been able to give them to horsie with a dosing syringe and some molasses an hour before he eats. So that is super cool.

    And yes, I mistakenly thought the product was coming from Houston. Their contact address lists Houston. I know see that the FAQs section talks about delivery. It's no secret to most that I don't know how to read. So that tripped me up a bit.
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