It was just announced earlier this week (couldn't post here due to website issues) that the Pony Hunter divisions at the Blue Rock Horse Show this weekend (5/17 - 5/19) which were originially scheduled to only go on Saturday are now going on both Saturday and Sunday. has posted this:

"Attention pony exhibitors!!! We have had to change our schedule for the ponies to run over two days. We are sorry for the inconvenience but the conformation class and one more over fences class will be run on Sunday in the Dover ring after the adults and the Children's classes will be moved to the main ring after the Juniors. Thank you for your understanding."

Making this type of change so late in the game is rather problematic as this is the same weekend that Gettysburg College is graduating so hotel rooms are very scarce. Therefore if you now need to stay overnight on Saturday night, you might have difficulty finding a room. Never mind that it causes you to absorb an additional cost for the hotel room for that night that you may not have planned for.