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    Jul. 4, 2012
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    Default Has anyone used TRUST bits?

    I am want to buy some bits by Trust Equestrian because some of the young European horses I ride respond well to them (that is what they were going in in Europe). They are made out of blue sweet iron and I guess a lot of horses really like the taste.
    I know they are really hard to get, but The Cheshire Horse said they could get them for me.
    Does anyone have experience with these cool bits?

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    Jul. 10, 2003
    It's not really mid nor west


    I don't, but I love their colour
    There is an online shop in Canada that sells them (
    I am interested in their ported mullen snaffle, but can't justify the price without getting to try it first.
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    I love the color of these bits, too. Bombers Bits are the ones that I have seen online There seem to be a larger selection of types, too. has Bombers that you can take out on a 30-day trial. has Trust bits listed, but nothing comes up when you click the catagory. They also have a 30-day trial.
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    Sweet iron is old tech... but they found a way to put a blue coating on it that wears off over time so they look cool and different when you buy them. Great marketing. You can find sweet iron bits commonly in western geared bit displays. Both of my horses love a particular loose ring snaffle I found a few years back at Tractor Supply of all places. Nice curve to the mouthpiece, it is not too thick and is sweet iron.

    This one is very similar and apparently comes highly recommended by Collen Kelly and the Spanish Riding school if you read the reviews.

    And yes, the "black" will rust over time. That's the point of sweet iron. It's just a coating to keep it from rusting before you use it.

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    Aug. 12, 2003


    Old thread, but crownedragon, I have the ported mullen snaffle by trust and it is hands down my favorite bit. Bought it in aachen a few years ago.

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