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    Apr. 29, 2013

    Default Advice on what to feed 5 year old OTTB

    I have an 5 year old OTTB gelding who has been at my farm for about 2 weeks. He is on 24/7 turnout on nice green grass, and is currently getting 2 quarts twice daily of 10-10 textured sweet feed (that's what the previous owner was feeding).
    I would really like to get him off the sweet feed but not really sure what a good replacement will be. He needs to put on a little more weight, and his coat looks a little dull but he's healthy and happy overall and doesn't seem hot from the sweet feed.
    I've heard good things about the TC Senior, have also heard about ration balancers, and hay stretchers. I'm a little overwhelmed with all the options, so could definitely use some advice as to what would work best for us.
    We have only been doing light riding for the past week, but I would like to event him in the future, so we will be starting training for that in the next few weeks.
    Thank you!!

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    Definitely get him off the sweet feed! TC Senior is a great feed - horses do great on it. High fat and low NSCs. If he's on 24/7 good grass then that may do the trick in getting weight on him.
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    If he needs calories/weight, I would go with the TC Senior or other good quality concentrate. Ration Balancers are meant for horses that need fewer calories than regular feeds (i.e. you only feed one pound/day instead of the five pound/day minimum that you need with standard feeds).
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    Rice bran is a good option. We don't have much grass here so it is hay, timothy pellets and rice bran for my two guys. One is 21 not worked much and the other is a 6 year old OTTB worked 6 days a week (4 days of that training).

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    Apr. 29, 2013


    I picked up some TC Senior yesterday so I'm going to slowly transition him over. Is this a good feed to keep him on once he gets to the weight I would like? Or would a ration balancer be the best way to go at that point?
    I've also read that people supplement the TC senior with some sort of supplement for the vitamins and minerals they might not be getting? Is that something I should consider? I have some recommendations for a good supplement, just not sure if he needs it.
    I feel a little lost with all this nutrition stuff, but I am learning a lot and am SO grateful for this website and all of the wonderful people who take the time to contribute! I will be a much more educated horse person in the long run!

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