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    I dunno, there is keen and what GM calls tasty and then there's just hot. 5 minutes away I'd go look though. But don't be duped, this one is a pistol so don't go succumbing to black stallion syndrome here.

    It's my understanding CANTER does not own everything they list. They try but the fact it's on CANTER is not an endorsement or guarantee.

    I'd spend the 5 minutes but those draw reins may well serve as an anchor. If you are enough of a rider with the nerve and an agreeable coach? Might be a good deal. For the average Ammy weekend warrior? I don't think so.

    In my prime I was pretty good and liked the hotter ones. But something about this one say I would have passed even 30 year ago. Unless it was cheap and I had the time and money to really vet it, turn it out and restart from square one. Even then these tend to be 50/50 and a tough resell at best, impossible at worst because they are a hard ride.
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    True, Bornfree. There's lots to like in there, too. He looks very athletic. So it depends on what kind of rider you are and what kind of horse you enjoy.

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    I didn't think much of him from the photos, but after watching the videos I LIKE him a LOT. He is hot and fussy and opinionated, athletic and catty, screams eventer to me. Once you can channel that fire and attitude and get him to relax a bit, holy moley, you will have an amazing horse on your hands. He reminds me exactly of my mare, who was definitely a several year project before things came together. He won't be for everyone, and he'll probably never be an easy ride, but in the right hands he will be a star.

    If you've got the experience for him, I'd say go for it!
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    CANTER does not own most of the horses on their sites -- they simply facilitate the trainer-buyer interface.

    This particular horse is owned by CANTER and is at this facility for training. He is available for adoption.

    When CANTER places horses for adoption, they screen the applicants and work to find the best home for them.

    I have both adopted from CANTER and fostered horses for them.
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    Hot and stupid is one thing. (One thing I avoid! Hot and stupid is no fun.) Hot and smart, if you're game for the possible evasions and feeling them out, can be a hell of a lot of fun.

    I haven't watched all the videos, but I agree that he'll look a LOT more attractive with some muscling and perhaps just more weight in general.

    With him five minutes away, what have you got to lose? Go take a look.

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    He looks a little overwhelmed - I would suspect he doesn't have the muscle to canter properly yet. That is probably why he is fussy at the canter (it's very hard/painful). I like him though, just as a first impression. Reminds me of an athletic mare I know. I would have to meet him in person before knowing if he was just a jerk or being sensitive. Once he gets his muscle, I would bet he's be a very nice horse for someone who is looking for more of a challenging ride. He looks like he needs consistency, though.

    I was surprised they were jumping him. He would get upset after those lil' speed bumps yet they put him over an over type thing too? He looked overfaced to me.

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    Well I like this horse, if I needed a horse and I was in his area, he'd be a contender.

    I don't see any evidence of a bad temperament- he was resisting at the canter because he doesn't have the physical strength to go forward and put his head down- which was what the rider was asking him to do. As for the jumping, he just a green, strong athletic horse. I saw no red flags.

    I had a horse by Mr. Greely, this horse's grandsire. I really liked my horse, he was a nice type. This horse seems to be a nice type too. Maybe a bit keen for some, but I think he'd be a fun ride.

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    This is a lovely horse!!! I would say he isn't a hot horse but perhaps isn't loving that ride. He is one that I would do a bit switch to a duo or a nathe to give him something to stretch into and then give him a different ride where you are off his back so he can relax. He is moving up and down right now but it is easily fixed. She is worried about him being silly on the backside of the jumps so is holding and then pulling him up causing him to be pissy. I can just picture the jump he would have if he was allowed to just go forward.

    LOVE his hind leg in the canter and it is amazing to ride a horse so light in front. He can really bring his shoulder up and out.

    I would absolutely look at this horse.

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    My vote is in the camp that he doesn't have the muscling and might have been challenged too much too soon. Isn't he just off the track? The photos do show a thin horse without a lot of time spent building new muscles. If either or both of those are true then his fussiness is justified.

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    When an athletic horse is held in front then they have no where to go but up. And that is an honest answer from a smart horse that is trying to please.

    This dude just needs to be hacked out to learn to go forward and relax. Like others said he needs the time and muscle. He is going to look lovely long and forward, he'll have a phenomenal gallop, and he is going to be spectacular collected. And I see smart, he will bond with a rider that he learns to trust.

    Some of the front end fussing may be hind end soreness. I would vet that.

    Add me to the fan club. I like his spirit.
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    I wouldn't critique this horse/trainer too much unless you've watched all the videos from this horse & the previous Canter owned horse this trainer worked with ...

    yes, most would ride the horse differently but none of us have this horse - he really hasn't improved much in 6 months (unlike the previous TB they worked with), in someways the canter has worsened - I suspect pain somewhere and I further suspect they've ruled out the obvious ...

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    I really like him too! That said, if I were considering him I'd want to know a lot about his current management and what they've tried that has/hasn't worked, and would also want a good vetting. He seems like the type that would need a very particular situation. I say this as the owner of a horse that was very hard to manage in CA but is a lot easier on the East Coast--primary variable being turnout. (We lived in CA for 3 of the 12 years I've owned her, and she was deemed "extremely hot" by a good eventing trainer out there, while out here trainers tend to call her "really sweet.")

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    There are plenty of reasons people use drawreins, they can be a useful tool in the right hands. I can't speak for these hands, but I have seem people use draw reins to prevent a horse from rearing, which this horse seems likely to do. I have also seen horses rear because the draw reins are too tight. I don't know if jumping a horse that goes like this does anything but wind it up although there are plenty of people that would jump it anyway because they are either brave or stupid.

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