Would love to know where he is now. He was my first event horse. I thought about him the other night and tried to google search him, but came up with nothing. I'm still listed as his owner with the USEA so they never changed that... R-U-NVS (Roo) 15.3 chestnut TB gelding (unraced). Would be 16 or 17 now. Only had a small star and had a pretty large popped splint on his right leg (I believe that's the correct leg) that did not cause any issue but not sure if his future owners had it removed. I competed him through training and played around at prelim. Awesome Pony Club horse who I got when he was 4 and we went from BN to T together, but he wasn't really interested in doing more. I sold him my freshman year of college, 2003, to the daughter of the owners of Mulholland Farm in Lexington, KY (right down the road from the KY Horsepark).

Last info I got was in 2011when I found the girl I sold him to on Facebook. She ended up selling him to three little girls in VA who wanted to learn to jump and last she heard he was still with them as of that time... so anyone in VA seen him? lol