I thought i'd post this here because I consider myself an "eventer", and I usually agree with most "event trainer" training methods. Also, I've talked about my crazy horse on this forum before!

Where to start with Jay..

Jay is a 14 year old OTTB that I've had since he was 5. He's always been "unique". He was a terrible cribber, head shaker, had horrible kissing spines, and is all around a nervous, stressed out horse.

I competed him until I realized the kissing spines (oh that's why you're taking off with me all the time and refusing to go down drops x-country..) and since then he's been my lawn mower.

I adore the horse but he can be very temperamental.

I guess I could say he's gotten "better". He used to colic ALL the time (even with gastro gaurd, mushed senior feed, EVERYTHING), and was impossible to keep weight on or be content.

He's been turn out at home with me for the last 6 years and with 24/7 turn out, his mini donk buddy who never leaves him, and 10lbs of feed a day, he gets by.

I completely admit that I don't spend enough time with him. I feed him everyday and make sure he's healthy, but I don't handle him much. He trots down to the barn to eat. I put his bucket on the ground (which him promptly knocks over and eats off the ground), and then I leave.

Now that my show horse is home, I've been spending more time at the barn. I brush juice and ride him and all that stuff. I want to be more involved with Jay so I've started with him too.

it hasn't been going well.

I attempted to brush him last week and we broke the bailing twine tie 5 times before I gave up and just let him stand in the field to brush him. My lovely farrier almost killed him because he was so bad getting his feet trimmed today. I tried to do some ground work with him and when I was practicing leading him in and out of their run in (which he spends all day in under his fan all summer..) he would spin around and drag me out. He's impossible to man-handle. I had a trainer try to "force" him into a trailer, which resulted in him dragging the lady backwards until he smashed into her truck..

I refuse for him to be a menace to society any longer!

I've never been that into ground work, but I think that will help (especially since I don't ride his crazy @ss!).

Where can I find some good resources. I goolged some things but I got a lot of lunging articles that wasn't really what I wanted.

Any tips or ideas??


***btw, he's up to date on all vet care and has been assessed for his gastro problems with in the year. He has a lot of scar tissue from an interior enteritis years ago which makes it hard to absorb his nutrients***