Ophelia is a very sweet, beautiful, bay, 16.3h, Oldenburg mare who needs a horseman as her next attendant. She was originally imported as a broodmare, but her GI track is not happy as a mother. Her next job was to be a riding horse while her son grew up. Now that her son is grown, she needs to find the next thoughtful home. VERY, VERY sweet mare who would love a thoughtful, well versed horseman as her next stop in life. The owner is overwhelmed in her life with a very busy new job and needs to reduce the herd to one. She has a small spur in the right stifle that would need attention if ridden more than light riding. A joy to be around and to look at. 12 years old, nothing left undisclosed for the next home. Currently located in Northern California. Lives in pasture and stall situation. eoff@waltzinghorses.com