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    Sep. 16, 2010

    Default Insurance -- Umbrella or Personal Horse Owners Liability

    I am looking to get some sort of umbrella or personal liability policy to protect me (above my renters ins) if one of my horses does something stupid and I get sued.

    Can anybody give me tips or advice on good providers of this type of insurance? Right now I'm looking at Agri-Risk through Markel.

    I have 3 lovely, well-behaved horses -- no reason to believe I'm at much risk, but horror stories happen and I want to be covered just in case.

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    Nov. 26, 2001
    Nashville, TN USA


    Well, if your horses are at your house and you are worried about someone coming over and getting hurt, that is because horses are deemed 'attractive nuisances" -----you know, everyone wants to pet the nice horsey. Homeowners ins does not cover horses. Call Jarvis----they are awesome. Or if you teach, you need commercial liability. Again, Jarvis.

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    An "umbrella" policy is one that is a general coverage and provides coverage over and above what you now have. They usually require a minimum level of underlying coverage. Often they will "fill in the blanks" for unusual types of risks not covered in underlying coverage.

    A "horse owner's liability policy" would be a narrowly tailored contract to cover only one type of liability exposure.

    As between the two I'd go for the umbrella as it's much more general. Of course you do have to read it and ensure that it's doing what you want done. As long as it does I'd say it's the better buy.

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    Jul. 24, 2004


    I have Private Horse Owners Liability insurance for my mare - I pay $150/year which covers up to 3 horses. I rent so I don't have home owners insurance or anything of the like (I have renters insurance though). The coverage amounts are $500k for occurrence and 1 million aggregate. For peace of mind it's totally worth it especially in this sue-happy world.

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    Markel offers a "Private Horse Owner" policy that...

    ..."provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage only done by a horse which is scheduled on this policy both on and off premises...not available to commercial equine operations or if applicant owns more then 10 horses".

    I am sure they offer coverage of you fall into the last 2 groups.

    I'm cleaning out some drawers and just happen to have my old policy sitting here. At the time, like 6 years ago or so, base premium included up to 4 horses and ran from 230 to 295 depending on selected limits which ran 330k to 1 million-I took the 1 mil for 295. If you drive your horse(s) it was a little more.

    Pretty sure those rates have gone up since then but that ought to give you an idea of what's covered and the cost.
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    Nov. 13, 2011


    I don't know much about personal horse owners liability. However, as an agent, let me tell you that everyone with assets should have a personal umbrella liability policy. Especially in today's sue-happy world.
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    Mar. 16, 2006
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    Join USEF and with your individual membership dues of $55 you receive a $1 million equine liability policy that covers you anywhere in the world. It is an excess liability policy, but if you have no other policy it becomes your primary policy. Best deal out there. Underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

    Liability - Personal excess liability coverage with $1,000,000 policy limit. Coverage is for claims brought against members of USEF arising from the use and/or ownership of a horse and horse-related accidents involving a bodily injury or property damage. Coverage will apply when engaged in any horse-related activity and is in excess of any existing individual liability coverage.

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    Sep. 24, 2004
    Triad, North Carolina


    For residents of North Carolina ... Join the NC Horse Council. For The sum of $39 you get a year of membership and a $1 million equine umbrella liability policy. A very good value, I bought it myself.

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