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    Nov. 20, 2005
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    Default soft edema in front of teets

    My 5 yr old mare has what looks like some edema in her lower belly, near her teety area. It isn't warm or hard, and she isn't sensitive when I palpate it. She is not pregnant. Could this be heat-cycle related? She has never had a foal. She has, however, been turned out with my yearling filly since that filly was weaned, and she often roots around as if she's looking to nurse on her. Strange. Just wondering if I should be concerned.

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    My two year old has the same swelling in the same place. It seems, with her, to be a reaction to gnat bites and just in front of the swelling on her belly is the place where the gnats have concentrated. I put SWAT on her lower belly line which has helped and now most of the swelling, and the gnats, are gone.

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    I have a mare who will produce a little milk every spring. She is not in foal, hasn't had a foal in 4 years, and doesn't have anything trying to nurse off of her.

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