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    Question NY Barns- help!

    Hi, I'm moving in the next month on short notice and am hoping to be able to move my horse with me. I'm looking for a barn anywhere between Albany/Saugerties/Hudson/Poughkeepsie, hopefully no further south than that. I've searched the forums but I'm either no good at searching or there isn't a thread about barns in that specific area. I love the barn I'm at now and am hoping to find something as close as possible to it.
    Criteria I'm looking for:

    -quality feed/hay, supplements and a specific, monitored schedule
    -indoor and outdoor with well-maintained, good footing
    -a trainer or barn manager who is home even if the barn is at a show
    -good turnout
    -other boarders with show quality horses (not just a 'lesson' barn)
    -full care option or partial care, especially if I can only ride a few days a week

    The barn I'm with now has a great program and exceptional horse care which is my main priority. I have a hunter who has been quite successful and is an "easy" keeper in the great program he's in now. Thank you all so much for your help!! Please send me a PM if you'd rather not post on this thread.

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    I recently moved to Albany and started a thread with some good responses about this. Let me see if I can find it.
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    Here it is.

    Depending on where you are working, there can be heavy traffic around albany during rush hours, thinking about the end of the day. still not sure of the specifics on that. Where are you working? Hope this helps some.
    My warmbloods have actually drunk mulled wine in the past. Not today though. A drunk warmblood is a surly warmblood. - WildandWickedWarmbloods

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    If you're looking for an A show barn, and are south of Albany, maybe Welwyn Show Stable? That's Kristina Stephenson and her family, in Red Hook? Or could be Rhinebeck. North of Poughkeepsie. I worked for them in college, Tina really knows her stuff, and her barn manager is great.
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    Hi, thank you all for your suggestions! I've done more research into the area and am hoping to find somewhere north of Poughkeepsie and south of Albany, ideally no more than 40 minutes from Albany in the Hudson Valley (I'm working just south of Albany). I'm looking for a barn with a good "program," good turnout and good footing, to be concise. I'm hoping for a few more responses- Thanks for your help!

    Kate, thanks for linking me to your thread! I have an A/O hunter and it seems like I am looking for a barn that's more "hunter/jumper" but that thread did have good information. Thanks.

    Timex, Rhinebeck is more like 80 minutes from where I will be, but I did make note of that program. Thanks!

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    What town will you be working (or living) in? Rhinebeck is about an hour from Albany. (I live in Albany and know this for sure as I dated a guy in Rhinebeck for a year!) About 20 minutes from the center of Albany is Three Winds Farm, run by Jumphigh83 from here on the board. Easy to get to most of Rensselaer or Columbia county and a really nice farm, good turnout and footing etc. Training is great and it's a fun place.
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