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    Question NSAIDS instead of Injections for an older horse? Need advice....

    At what point is it crazy to inject here, there and everywhere when it comes to a 20 something horse in light-moderate work with some arthritis? The horse is not showing and mostly does trail riding with some flatwork and low level jumping. There are known arthritic changes in the hocks that are treated with IA HA/steroid injections once a year as well as once monthly Pentosan. He does always warm up out of it but sometimes it takes a good 20-30 minutes.

    I am considering using Previcox as needed for his overall daily comfort.
    My other option is going to more frequent IA injections of the hocks and possibly injecting the stifles ( every 6 months instead of yearly) but that seems a little extreme for basically a pleasure horse in their 20's. I also do not have an endless budget.

    Do you think I should just do the IA injections more frequently and save the Previcox for his later years as a last resort type thing? This is the issue I am struggling with...
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    Have you considered increasing the Pentosan to twice a month? I personally do not have a problem with using Previcox on an older horse in lieu of injections but if you found that the Pentosan is helping it may be worth trying that twice a month or even weekly, saving the Previcox for later on down the road. Good luck!
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    Surpass/Voltaren gel might also be useful. There was a study published some time ago that showed Surpass, used daily, actually IMPROVED the cartilage matrix in the joint. It's a very nice way to target a powerful NSAID at a problem area with very few of the typical risks of using an NSAID.

    Surpass can get a little costly at about $50/tube (although I found that tube to last me 3-4 weeks, so it's still not terrible) but you can get Voltaren Gel from for quite a bit less.

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    I know a few older horses whom are going great on previcoxx instead of regular AI injections.

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    I give pentosan once a week at the advice of my vet. I would try every other week for a while if I were you.

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    My husband's neurologic horse (retired) is on daily Previcox and I've also used it on a horse we were leasing who seemed to have some chronic lameness problems. I swear Previcox is an amazing drug and it has kept my husband's horse pasture sound . . . his acute neurologic episode has us thinking that he may need to be put down as he couldn't even walk in a straight line without looking like he was going to fall over. Now he runs and bucks and plays and is happy about life. I've not seen any ill-effects from it and he'll be on it as long as he lives.
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