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    Default How do you get rid of dock weed?

    We have tried poison (crossbow), but they keep coming back! I tried pulling a lot of them last year, too, but there are so many that was a ton of work and they are still coming in again this year. Grr. Has anything found something that works?
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    I didn't know what they were called but I am pretty sure Remedy works.

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    Honestly, not much works. A combination of weed killer and cultivation helps but those millions of bitty seeds stay viable for decades in the ground. We thought we had one really bad slough licked after a couple of dryish years but they are back; that field has been bad for sour dock for as long as I can remember and that goes back many years. I've mowed that slough dozens of times, we burnt the remains, and the fomer (deceased many years) burnt it, cultivated it, chem-fallowed it and the mess persists even after 60+ years of such treatment.

    The problem is that there is random germination throughout the year and one pass with chemical will not get the crap - you have to repeat just about every 10-15 days as new stuff germinates. It is supposed to be an annual but has some properties of perennials - broken rootstock will produce a new plant as will scattered whole leaves with a stem. Worse, there are thousands and thousands of seeds on a mature plant.

    Good luck
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    I wonder if you mean Burdocks? I did a search on the poison plants, and came up with Curly Dock as well as Burdocks. Everyone has local names for plants, which might or might NOT be the correct ID name.

    I did a search there, for Dock, came up with the two choices.

    What I do now, is to go out and physically cut the root and remove the tops. I don't want the spray in my fields, always lost grass as well as the weed, so going out and "getting personal" with my weed stick has worked the best.

    I got my weed stick from Home Depot, which is a VERY old design like my Grandfather used in his yard on Dandelions. I just walk along and lean on the stick to cut way down under the weed leaf clump and thru the root. Flip the weed upside down to DIE. With the root cut, the leaves don't seem to ever come back. Just cutting some weeds every time you walk thru, can reduce your weed problem in a fairly short time. Keeping the weed tops cut so they can't reseed, will also help a LOT, because you are not fighting new weeds. We are pretty weed free here, with this method. Of course you get a volunteer seed growing, but just going out for "Off with his head" cutting, takes care of the problem fast.

    Here is the weed stick I use which is easy to carry and cut off Thistle, Burdock, Dock, Dandelions:

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    My place is so small I can do them by hand after rain. They have very deep strong tap roots.

    Whatever else I do not do, I do make sure that I get the ones that are mature enough to seed before they can seed. Then they go on the burn pile.

    I have got rid of almost all of them now...and am pretty vigilant against any that do appear. But I don't have a huge acreage either.
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    I only board on two acres and I have found the only real solution is doing them by hand too. After a soaking rain I walk around with a very pointed small shovel and pop them out getting as much root as possible.
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    If you are talking Curly Dock, I've found my cattle eat them. The only place I have them is where I don't rotate my cattle...a few of my smaller paddocks only. They are there but eaten back and then can't seed or spread. Plaintains, dandelions, clover...all making yummy beef. Unbelievable organic weed control! The only weeds I really have left to deal with here are buttercups, poke, and spiny amaranth which unfortunately no one can eat. I nearly choked out my buttercups this year with a bumper crop of rye grass. I will not use herbicides so I am working with other methods.

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