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    Quote Originally Posted by JenEM View Post
    This is what frustrates me. My dressage bridle cost around what a new Crosby would cost, and it was on clearance at that price point, so I expected somewhat equivalent quality leather to what I'd expect from Crosby/Pessoa/etc. To me, at that point, I don't expect Jimmys or Hermes, but something that will supple and age decently with use. But it hasn't It's not cardboard, but it's definitely nowhere near as supple as my jumping bridle. Yet I've gotten compliments from dressage folks on it, so apparently it looks good to people who are used to black tack.
    Exactly. I have had the same experience. I just don't get it.
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    I don't think it is the black color as much as the quality of leather and the method of tanning/dyeing that makes a difference.
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    What if you own a black horse? There is a pair of CWD EquiFit open front boots on Ebay right now. They are a great price because they are black, not brown. I own a black horse and thought they would look good on him, but I hesitate to buy because they are black and I am used to brown tack.

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    I have some black horses, and I like brown on them. Imo it makes their black look blacker whereas the black on a black doesn't look so good to me.

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    Most equifit boots are black. I don't think anyone will look askance.
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