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    Default HELP! My horse is nuts!

    I have a 20yr old OTTB who is driving me to drink more than I already do! He's turned into a holy nightmare in turnout.
    His TO buddy moved away March 16th. They were together for 4 years so it was a big change and he handled it much better than I anticipated. He lives outside 24/7 and only yelled/paced for the first 2 days. 2 weeks later a new boarder arrived with 2 geldings a mare and a colt yearling. He hated all of them and didn't have any interaction with them while they were there. They moved to another farm April 27th. After they left he was alone for a few days and was pacing so, another boarder put her OTTB out with him to give him a buddy. He didn't pay one bit of attention to the new guy but continually paced the fence line by his neighbor. His neighbor is a geriatric mare who has never payed him any attention. Other boarders and the BO would tell me that periodically throughout the day he would pace the fence but then would stop and be eating grass like normal. The thing that is really bothering me is when his OTTB buddy would walk up to him while he is pacing by the old mare he would attack him and chase him away. He has been in turnout with mares and geldings prior and when the mares would go in heat he would chase the other geldings away from them. I have never seen him mount the mares before but I'm not there all day. But currently the old mare isn't in heat and he's acting even worse now!
    I found that with constant work he would be better since he had less energy. However, last night was the worst I have ever seen him. I arrived for PM feeding and he was in a dripping sweat and was RUNNING the fence line all kinds of worked up. I brought him into the small stone paddock area where his shed is and locked him in that area for the night. He eventually calmed down and this morning didn't look like he paced at all after we left. I had a friend stop in a check on him around noon and he was fine then also. Throughout this entire time he's had a good appetite and without seeing him pacing I wouldn't think anything was wrong. He's fed 4lbs TC Senior + 1lb Nutrena Empower Boost with HorseTech's HylaSport CTS and ReitHoof supplements and SmartGut Ultra AM and 4lbs TC Senior + 1lb Nutrena Empower Boost PM. He also is the hardest keeper I have ever seen and has had a history of ulcers. I'm worried with all of the pacing and stuff he is doing that he's going to have his ulcers come back not to mention he's just burning off so many calories! The vet is coming Monday so I'm going to talk to them about it then. Probably will have blood pulled so we can test his testosterone levels. I guess I just want to know if anyone has any similar problems or any suggestions. If you have stuck with this book for this long, I thank you!
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