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    If the spot isn't too big I have used those bunion pads that have a hole cut in them so the sore is not touching anything..

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    Oct. 6, 2004


    I have one of these beauties on the inside of my right calf where my stirrup leather goes across....from jeans and loose full chap combo. I need to get those darn things taken in. I use gauze pads, antibiotic ointment with a pain killer in it, and vet wrap. Good luck. They hurt like crazy.

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    What works for me is a big band aid covered by duct tape. (Obviously make sure you shave your legs first!)

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    I always have sores in the summer. Heat rach type primarily, but sometimes the gaping sores. I haven't found a pair of breeches that makes them better or worse. Gold bond powder or anti monkey butt and undergarments like FITS wunderwear are the only things that have remotely work for me.

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    I have done this on several occasions, and have always used Vetwrap around the knee or leg over a small gauze bandage with Neosporin or something on it to keep it from sticking. This works reasonable well, and allowed me to continue riding.

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    This reminds me of a funny store I heard from and old friend who gallops at the track. She had really bad sores on the inside of her knee and she had heard that super glue was originally used in the military to protect blisters and such. So she decided to try it. She put the super glue on the inside of her knee, crossed her legs and read a magazine while it dried.....and yep - she super glued her legs together. Had to have her boyfriend come over and get her unstuck.

    Apparently the super glue really works, but I've never tried it because of this!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little.Wing View Post
    Get some better breeches for hot weather. Fits are not the ideal breach for hot weather for many people because of their fabric, patch design and fit.

    Once you're healed experiment with a cotton blend (even 50-60% cotton is usually plenty) or any wicking summer fabrics. Fits are super breeches, but the synthetic fabric so many of them are made out of, stretchy patches, a design that often removes a sliver of knee patch at the inside/back of the knee to keep the patch from folding up on itself when the rider bends their knee- presumably to minimize bulk under the knee, and super stretchy, forgiving fabric of the breech itself... can be a bad combination.

    Saddle sores and rubs come from friction. I avoid them by wearing breeches, boots or chaps that STAY PUT on my body. If there's even a little wiggle room in my half chaps or tall boots I'll get off my horse with quarter-sized welts on both shins. I live in cantral Texas, it's upwards of 80 degrees here 9-10 months a year, and upwards of 90 for at least 6. I have never used that monkey butt powder- simply never had a need for it.

    Experiment with different breeches. (...)

    Just a couple thoughts- because you shouldn't be getting sores like that in what the PNW calls "heat" if I can avoid them in Texas.
    This ^^^
    Or in AZ. Little.Wing is right. The fabric has to stay put, and any movement must be between the fabric and the boot. You could try some riding tights that hold you in tight, so they don't rub skin. I've found that the air-flow through these is pretty good so they are cooler to wear than others.

    These may not be good for showing, but may help at other times.

    Just my 2¢

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calvincrowe View Post
    It has been unseasonally hot here in the PNW, and last weekend I had a show. I wear FITs breeches that fit very well, and new custom boots--perhaps this was a bad combination with all the sweating (and cursing, as the boots refused to zip that last 1/2 inch!). I began to notice a painful spot on the inside of my left knee, just at the bend when you sit in the saddle. As the day wore on, it got worse and worse--but I rode through it.
    Take your boots back to where you bought them and have them stretched. It sounds like they are either too tall, or they need to drop, which means you just have to ride in them more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac123 View Post
    I get these from time to time in a similar place. They're quite painful but mine have never been bad enough to not ride...a few minutes in to the ride and I stop feeling it. Taking the breeches off and showering, however, is less than pleasant. I've never tried to do anything for these since it's a tricky area, but use neosporin and make sure they get plenty of air when I'm off the horse (wear shorts when I get home and while sleeping, etc).

    For other areas, I swear by athletic tape. Once my hands were rubbed raw (hot weather + riding several a day that taught me the meaning of heavy) and I thought I wasn't going to be able to boss had no sympathy but recommended athletic tape.

    Hurts like a sonofa taking it off, but man does it work as a second skin and it doesn't wear off. That's my go-to for blisters and rubs, just not sure if it would work behind the knee.

    And I ditto the whole breeches fit thing...I usually only get these when wearing breeches that are a little big around the knee with my boots that are a touch tall.

    Good luck!
    You can buy underwrap to go under sports tape. I used to use it all the time when I was doing gymnastics.
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    Nov. 6, 2009


    Equifit gel bands, moleskin, and those ace-wrappy type leggings that go from the ankle to the knee. Moleskin is particularly useful for covering pre-existing sores and protecting them while they heal.

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    I'll report in, as I am planning on riding today. The sore is above my boots (which fit perfectly...unless I stop working out and eat salty foods) right at the bend in your knee, so a few solutions mentioned won't work.

    I'm going with big bandaid, cotton ball for cushion, and vet wrap to hold it all together and tight and prevent more irritation.

    Supposed to be 80 and muggy today, so expecting a sweaty ride! This only happens a couple of times a year, so these new solutions/preventions are wonderful--thank you for sharing your ideas! I'm also going to invest in some of that wonderfully named stuff: Anti-Monkey Butt Powder.
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    Homeopathic Calendula is a fast healing remedy. It heals so fast that you can only use it topical stuff or it will heal the outside before the inside. From your description it sounds perfect for your rubs.

    Feel better and have a great ride!

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