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    Apr. 23, 2010

    Default Vega saddle - broken tree?

    I recently purchased a Vega monoflap jumping saddle on ebay. It arrived looking almost brand new, I was thrilled, left positive feedback before riding in it.

    I rode in it today for the first time, and I am quite sure the tree is broken. It is very squeaky when ridden in and when I apply pressure to the cantle there is a clear crease in the seat leather...all the tell-tale signs

    I know these saddles have flexible trees - could it just be that I am over reacting? Anyone else have this type of issue with a Vega?

    Would like to get more info before I send a note to the seller telling them the saddle has a broken tree.

    Also - any recourse through ebay now that I have already left positive feedback?

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    Feb. 13, 2005
    Columbus, OH


    No, you're not overreacting. The Vega tree is made of a synthetic material, but it's *definitely* not supposed to squeak and flex as you're describing.

    As for recourse...that's a toughie. The only time I bought a saddle with a broken tree--with shipping insurance, I might add--the seller went MIA on me, which brought the PayPal dispute process to a grinding halt. I ended up claiming it through my credit card company.
    Resident COTH saddle nerd. (CYA: Not a pro, just a long-time enthusiast!)

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    Apr. 23, 2010


    Well I did email seller and she is being very cooperative. We both believe it happened during shipping, and it was insured (UPS).

    Not sure where it goes from here. I'm super bummed out about it and worried about getting my money back or getting it replaced. I also can't afford to replace it until this is resolved, so hoping it doesn't stretch out too long.

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