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    Default Swollen glands

    Just got a call from the BO. My fellow found to have swollen glands today under his jaw. Vet happened to be there so he was looked at. He has no temp. The swelling is not tender to the touch. Vet thinks it is possibly an allergy. They have started him on SMZs.

    I just moved there 8 days ago from a private barn. At the other place my guy was losing weight, the old BO wasn't giving enough hay, and then decided to throw him from his well drained paddock, in with her new ribby acquisitions in a sea of mud. Was out of there ASAP.

    He's a 10yo OTTB. Had a strangles vaccine 19 days ago.

    12 days ago, the old BO had a melt-down and whined to me the horse was acting up so she decided to tie him up to the indoor and ignore him since he was looking for attention (to teach him a lesson). The following day, he spat out an apple I gave him. I thought he was acting funny about his mouth.

    9 days ago, the day before he left, had his teeth floated by a vet specialist. He found a 3-4" laceration inside his mouth going back from the corner of his mouth, which he said was about 3-4 days old - time of the old barn owner melt-down. Not touching on its origins here.

    Am hoping the swollen glands means just an allergy, or something short-lived. He is on stall board now at the new place, but does have generous turn-out. He is given unlimited hay and has been putting on weight. Had just been switched last month to Triple Crown, but now on a Purina feed? He's also getting selenium and Vit E added. And he's been in good training, also at a conservative rate, and has been very, very content.

    The barn manager at the new place has worked for the best, knows everything to do with every horse and is extremely conscientious. I trust her implicitly. It's a wonderful place. Happy, healthy, fit horses. This wouldn't have even been noticed at the last two places...

    Hoping it's just an allergy. Think there's any correlation to a) the vaccine, b) the mouth laceration and/or c)his having his teeth floated last week?

    There is a horse there also with an obvious skin allergy.

    I feel terrible coming in with a new horse, and this happening!

    Edited to add: When I first had his teeth floated January '12, his back teeth were bad - has caudal hooks? They were floated again 6 months later and found to be greatly improved, especially on regular turn-out, and then again last week - after another 9 months. Dental vet says his teeth aren't 100% yet - they have to be reduced gradually, but are much better.
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    Is the swelling between the jaws - or more behind jaw bone, where the salivary gland is?

    Horses in this area regularly get the above looking swelling behind the jaw from certain grasses that come in this time of year. Horses will sometimes come in from grazing with it.

    Always considered it a mild allergy to something in the field/pasture. Never interfered with anything except maybe causing flexing at the poll to be a little uncomfortable for them if they were swollen. It would go down with work or after a few days.

    Maybe totally unrelated to you horse though :-) From what you described, I would tend to just keep a close eye on it over the next few days & continue to take his temp. Hard to know if it's related to the other issues or not. Could be many things.

    Don't worry about your horse coming in & being the "special" one, lol. It seems whenever horses move barns, the first few weeks are an adjustment! They get scrapes or nics figuring out their new surroundings, change of feed, new routines. Don't worry about that, sounds like they are good people & know what they are doing :-)

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    My horse gets the glands behind his jaws swollen from time to time. I give him double doses of vitamin C daily until it seems to relieve the problem. Today his temp was first I was a little alarmed, but realized how warm it was in the barn and he had a heavy sheet on. I took the other sheeted horse;s temps and they were a little higher than normal too. Good luck with your guy and your new digs!!
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    I'd check back with the vet and find out why SMZs were prescribed if he thinks it's an allergy.

    At the same time, you can find out from the vet what you should be looking for that might indicate a more serious problem.

    Beyond that -- keep an eye on vital signs, watch to see what the swelling does, and watch for any other swelling on his face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halt Near X View Post
    I'd check back with the vet and find out why SMZs were prescribed if he thinks it's an allergy.
    No kidding. Sooooooo totally not a reason to put a horse on antibiotics. The horse has no temp and zero indication there's an infection? Why on earth is the horse on SMZs? There is enough resistance out there without giving antibiotics to horses with "allergies."

    What strangles vax was given? IN or IM?

    I also have a horse with hooks in the back of the mouth. She's been on a every 6 mo schedule for awhile now, and the dentist asked to see her again in four months last time I had her done. Nine months between floats is too long, IMO, when you have an issue like that. Six months, max, unless your dentist really says you can go longer. Severe hooks can actually poke into the major blood vessel that runs behind the teeth, and if that happens, the horse can bleed out through the mouth. This is not something to screw around with and should be addressed as often as necessary by a talented equine dentist to keep them under control.

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    Thanks all for your help.

    I had looked at the subject on other threads, but with his teeth, laceration, and strangles vax...?

    But report is not swollen this morning!

    Will ask about the SMZs.

    And the dentist who does his floating is a specialist - that's all he does. He was at 6 months at first, but improved significantly on full turnout, so that his visits are now 9 months separate. Guess it could depend on the individual? Also vet said his turnout made a difference. But now his turnout is half-day instead of full, so I'll keep an eye on anything indicating he's uncomfortable. And had purchased a Nibble Net (for other reasons) but wonder if that could also help, since he'll be slowly chewing the rest of his hay, instead of scarfing it down?

    Phew! So far...
    But he thought, "This procession has got to go on." So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn't there at all. H.C.Anderson

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