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    Default Looking to Buy "Pop Rocks" To Get Me Through Until Abler Shipment Arrives

    As the title says, I am looking for anyone who will let me buy some sachets of the pop rocks to get me through until the shipment arrives. The first time I ordered, which was the free trial, I got it in 2 weeks. The second time I ordered, which was to purchase the rest of the sachets, it took over 3 weeks to get.

    I was not positive if I was going to buy more until I saw real results in my mare. And I did not really start seeing consistent changes until two days ago. (IE: the constant fence pacing, being snarky, etc has all but stopped). The unfortunate thing is that by the time you know if you are really seeing results or not, you are basically out of the pop rocks and they just take forever to get them to you. I cant see spending $30 just for express shipping (I am thinking maybe they take so long to get you the normal order so that you get so tired of waiting that you just fork over the $30... imagine if just 10 people a month did that.... mmmmhmmmmm).

    Anyways, I have paypal and am ready to buy if anyone has any to spare! THANKS!

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    I have some . . . send me a PM with your info. I'll have to count how many sachet I have but it is quite a few, IIRC...
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