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    Mar. 15, 2007
    (throw dart at map) NC!


    Back in the day, I really enjoyed clinics with Wendy Wergeles. Very knowledgeable, fun, but you better do what she says!
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    Apr. 10, 2011


    Fro dressage: I took regular lessons with Eddie hoekstra, loved him! I clinics with WAZ, daphne haagmans.... I also clinics with but highly disliked John mâcpherson and Belinda trussel....

    I've cliniced with Gary roque and liked him, I've also clinice with a couple hunter jumper riders but hated them so much haha, I found them rude because we were eventers and the "crazy eventer" comment was thrown out there a few times. Wish I could remember the name!
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    Apr. 10, 2011


    Oh ya we are having Waylon Roberts out at the end of June, I can't wait!!!!!!!
    "My ideal horse is the horse that I fall in love with again every morning when I see his face hanging over the stable door, looking for breakfast. " - Jim Wofford

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    I used to be lucky enough to live where there were TONS of clinic opportunities.

    Boyd Martin: I feel the same as yb, we just didn't click and I think the big thing was that I felt like I really did get my monies' worth out of the clinic. It seemed very cookie cutter and didn't challenge me or my horse at all. Granted I was the most experienced in my group but I wish he wouldn've done more to give me that challenge.

    Jim Graham: I didn't clinic or lesson with him, but he judged my dressage test at a pony club rally and I got to sit down and talk to him about the test later that weekend. Very insightful and gave me a lot of little exercises to help improve the overall picture. He's definitely a "building blocks" kind of guy, I think I would rather lesson with him than clinic with him.

    Joe Fargis: very good clinic, I was in the same situation with him that I was in for the Boyd Martin clinic but Joe gave me different excercises from the rest of the group to challenge me more. He's very good at explaining himself too.

    Susan Graham-White: loved her, shes very tough so I don't think everyone can take it but it was perfect for me. Also she makes you work and you feel like you get your monies worth with her. I used to have a horse that hated dressage and she made him go better than anyone else I ever rode with.

    Buck Davidson: My situation with him was a bit differnet, because I bought my current horse from him. But as far as his teaching stlye goes I loved taking lessons from him! He's very good at explaining himself and for me he also was good at explaining why something happens.

    Andrea Leatherman: I LOVED riding with her. By far one of my favorites. She definitly teaches a lesson where you learn by doing. She also is really good at helping you start from the bottom and work up to the goal.

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    Nov. 9, 2007


    I'll play

    Over the years, different horses of course, and training/ prelim was my highest...last several years it's novice/training on younger horses.

    Don Sachey
    Brian Sabo
    Christine Scarlett
    Wendy Wergeles
    John Holling
    Jon Elliott
    Karen O'Conner
    Allison Springer
    Mara D.
    Julie Winkel - H/J

    Wow, didn't realize I've been so fortunate...

    Jon Elliott, KOC, Mara D, Julie W, are my most favorite.

    Everyone else good, one in the list would never clinic with again.

    Have good local people to lesson with and enjoy clinics (most of the time). The ones I enjoy are people with good communication skills, able to articulate the 'why', in addition to the 'how'. I want an engaged instructor, and am not afraid of the criticism, as long as it's not rude. Love to improve over a couple of days.

    The ones I really dislike are those who act as if they are doing us a favor gracing us with their presence. Not so much.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperEventer View Post

    Linda Zang was amazing as well. She sees all of the small things and did a great job of telling me how to change what needed to be changed. Not all instructors are good with words.
    Linda is great. I audited a clinic and watched her teach adult amateurs through 4 star riders.

    However the best part was when I had a dressage lesson two days later, my instructor exclaimed, "What the he!! happened to your riding? It was amazing today!"

    I learned so much by just watching and listening to her explanations that my riding improved significantly. Dressage is not my strong suit either.

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    Aug. 30, 2011


    I've done a lot of clinics over the years, and I'm afraid I've forgotten many of them. The ones that I distinctly remember I'll write about.

    The standouts:

    Ginny Leng- she was fabulous! I did a 2 day clinic with her, oh must have been 16-17 years ago, I learned a ton, had a lot of fun, picked up good tools with a difficult horse.

    Lucinda Green- only rode with her once, have audited a few times, will audit again this year.

    Bruce Davidson Sr- had a few great clinics with him, and one really bad one in which I left LOL. Yes he is "do this now, do this better."

    Sinead Halpin- is a good clinician. I picked up a few pointers that were very helpful, and the clinic was very reasonably priced. A localish farm has her regularly, and I will go back, once my horse is less green. Interestingly, at the clinic I did with her last year, the group was largeish and there was disparate ability levels, yet I was still able to learn stuff.

    Boyd Martin- I did a 2 day clinic with him last year and it was freakin awesome. It was super expensive, but I felt like I got my moneys worth. I took my young, unraced TB who really got started u/s that year, and had done 2 BN HT. He was green, but brave and game, and me having money, time and sound horse don't always happen, so we went.

    I learned a bunch of stuff, mostly relating to how to get keen green horses to back off from jumps LOL, and what I need to do different in my riding and in my young horse development. (this was not expressed, but that was what I took away) I did well with his teaching style, but I can see how it would not suit others.

    This year I'm going to audit mostly because my main squeeze just turned 4 and I got on him in March. Just too green for clinics this summer.

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    Jun. 1, 2011


    Leslie Law is amazing, both to audit and ride with. This year will be my third clinic with him.

    I've also rode in several clinics with our local Olympian, Sandra Donnelly, and she is just fantastic. She really sees each horse and rider as individuals, and has a wealth of information and is great about tailoring what she says to each pair. Not so much "do THIS" cut and dried type stuff, but "rider 1 will have to try to A because of B", while "rider 2 will have to do C because of D". I got a lot out of her clinics, she is really constructive and concise with her feedback for each pair, there are so many things that she said to me in past clinics that still really stand out, even though it was just from a minute or two of constructive criticism.

    I LOVE Sandy Alexander. One of those people who can watch you ride for 5 minutes and instantly figures out everything about you. It's absolutely insane. And then he tells you EXACTLY what you need to do to fix everything. He's brutally honest to the point of rudeness sometimes, but will offer all the help in the world if one is willing to listen and try. I find him very similar to George Morris in teaching style, blunt, honest, and to the point. Some can handle it, and lots can't. Personally I would be so happy if George Morris made me cry every single day. I recently audited a clinic with George and he was absolutely AMAZING.

    I have recently done a few clinics with Linda Delvallegarcia Heywood. I had so many lightbulb moments in the 2 clinics I did with her, it was so awesome. She is great, honest, funny, and blunt as well. I'm definitely a fan of the brutally honest clinicians. She is one that will pick a few little things to work on, but those little things add up to the biggest difference! She also likes to get on horses a lot, so she can better feel and understand what's going on and what sort of things would benefit them both, which I really love to see in a clinician.

    So that's what I've got, haha. We don't get many big names up here in Canada!
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    Jul. 4, 2011


    I've ridden with Shannon Dueck (dressage) and loved it! I was probably the least experienced rider in the whole clinic but I took a lot away from my lesson with her. I also audited the rest of the clinic and thought she did a great job with riders of all levels.

    I've audited Linda Zang several times (a local farm has her regularly) and learn a lot by listening to her. I haven't ridden with her just because I think her teaching style and my horse's um... mental issues could be a potential bad match. I'll always take the opportunity to audit with her though.

    For local lessons I love Patrick Marley (dressage). He is fun and has a great way with my horse. I loved watching him show his little AQHA mare in GP dressage! Look up Honey Bright Dream for some videos of them. :-)

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    Relevant to this board, Kathleen Zins. She has the ability to hone in one one area you really need to focus on which you can understand and will take you months to do. It keeps you working toward something between clinics if you're lucky enough to be somewhere you can ride with her multiple times. She adjusts when she's giving regular lessons to someone and gets into more of the little details which take closer oversight, so really teaches according to situation/need.
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