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    Question I need help with a crupper for an english saddle

    I just bought a crupper with a T for an english saddle. Unfortunately, I bought a pony size and it's a couple of inches too short for my mule. I really thought he horse size would be too big on him.

    In looking for another, I see one like this:

    Is this the kind that can attach to the billets on my saddle?

    I haven't even gotten to ride him yet because I know the saddle will slip forward and sadly, there are no tack shops in my area that even carry cruppers, let alone one for an english saddle, sigh...
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    Tough -1 is made in India crap. I never realized it was possible for nylon to be noticeably low quality until I saw their stuff in real life. I would be leery of what the un-shown tail piece is made of.

    Try this-
    Separate T attachment for your saddle-

    Now go buy whatever crupper you want. Lots and lots of options out there from the endurance and mule supply places for cruppers that snap or buckle on to a D-ring.

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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I just bought a ring, and screwed it onto the back of my saddle. If it the crupper isn't long enough, attach a nylon dog collar on it so it extends longer. I use dog collars with the plastic snap.

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    Ack! Don't use a crupper on your mule. Cruppers are made for low weight (5 lbs. or so). Use breeching instead. Easier on their butts, a lot more adjustable and you'll have a much happier mule. Cruppers are great for driving harnesses and a pony...not mules or horses.
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    IMO, cruppers are fine on most horses but not for mules or horses that have a "MULE" shaped hindquarter. Mules have a very different shape to the croup and a very low tail set. It was explained to me that that shape causes a crupper to rub horribly. Also the shoulder/wither build of a mule would put a lot more weight onto a crupper on a downhill.


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