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    Another person with low back pain chiming in to say that riding doesn't aggravate it - with the exception of sitting trot. I think riding helps strengthen my back.
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    I consider myself a mediocre rider at best and I don't feel that I experience much, if any concussion through my back at the rising trot.

    I have some knee and hip pain but that's a different story.

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    My mom is a rerider after 4 back surgeries. She does just fine W/T/C with no sitting trot. She does find sometimes that her balance is slightly decreased whether that be surgery or something else. She has fallen a few times and has always been able to bounce back. (no pun intended)

    My first real experience with back pain was after I fell off my green bean in Late August. I could not sit in the saddle when I got back on him. (You always get back on!) I shoved it aside for a few weeks but come end of October after nannying...meaning picking up kids all day, I would come home and not be able to stand because of horrible back pain. I went to the chiro and had x-rays done. I was bulging my L-5 S-1 I believe. I was told not to ride for 3 months. I hopped back on mid-Jan. Walking felt amazing when I learned to relax and not hold my back still in a protective manner. The first time trotting was painful because I could not relax. I was so worried I was going to hurt myself again. I am back to riding 3-4 times a week. The only time I have trouble is when A) I get left behind when my greeny goes from fall-over-and-die trot to forward motion or B) The I'm-an-ex-racehorse before a canter trot. I have done some easy sitting trot that has felt ok. I do not do it for any length of time but when he is feeling up and gets prancy I feel ok sitting it. I've learned to two-point the canter to trot transitions and try to do more walk to canter transitions.

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    The whole point of the rising trot is to avoid impact.
    Your doc speaks out of her fundament. Why does she even offer an opinion if she is ignorant of the facts ?
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