In case you missed April's Spring Flowers Ride, the Howard County Farm Heritage Museum & Antique Machinery Club is hosting a ride this coming weekend on SUNDAY. There will be a Mother's Day "Pioneer Trail Ride" headed out at 1:00pm sharp, for a 1.5-2 hour leisurely ride through the park. Horses do not need to be shod for these trails, but must be able to navigate up and down hills, around trees and over some wet areas/shallow water. This is not an appropriate ride for a green horse or novice rider as there is going to be lots of activity at the assembly area that will make even the most seasoned horse look at things. That said, our goal is to have a safe and enjoyable ride. If interested, email me at Baylady7@ aol (dot symbol) com to let me know approximately how many are intending to ride. See for more info.