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    Aug. 15, 2010

    Default 375 Days, When Will She Foal!?!?!

    OK, I'm in a bit of a "damn mare" mood - this mare went 382 days in her maiden breeding, and everyone (repro vets, breeder friends, etc) swore she'd be normal in the future. Whatever normal is... Her first foal was huge - it was a strenuous birth just because it was a big baby (well, it was a month and a half old at birth!).

    So we are now at 375 days, and she has barely any bag, just a big belly. I should be done with foal watch! I'm beginning to think she's going for the over 400 day mark - and I'll be weaning this baby at Christmas My vet's mare, due early June, has more bag then she has!

    Kind of curious - is anyone else dealing with an over 370 day mare? And has anyone ever had a (non-maiden) mare bag up overnight? Honestly, I'm not even bringing her in at night - she looks nowhere near due - and I'm going to have to give her another set of vaccinations since we did the "pre-foaling" ones at 310 days (over 2 months ago!).

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    with that history i would be taking a significantly different approach... to me this represents a very high-risk potential and she should be getting not less than hourly checks. these deliveries do not always offer the pre-birth indicators of a full bag and increased dilation, whereas the sheer size issue could indeed be more problematic than her maiden delivery.

    there is a reason foal watch robs us of sleep. when things go wrong they can do so both quickly and dramatically. cases like this, to me, require the utmost in care, respect and continual observation.

    good luck.

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    Jun. 22, 2009


    i have two this year - a first in 22 years of breeding. I finally turned them out in the pasture with the other mares and babies. Maybe they'll be inspired.
    Cindy Bergmann
    Canterbury Court

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    The most recent experience (not personal) I had with this, the foal ended up being too dysmature to survive I don't really want that to send you into conniptions, but several of the last "really past due" foals I knew of were either dysmature or had serious leg issues.

    At least with this mare there is a history of a healthy birth longer than she is now
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