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    Feb. 21, 2013

    Default My pony has suddenly become headshy! Help!

    My pony, who I have owned for three years, has suddenly become extremely headshy. He was somewhat headshy when I got him, but with love and treats he soon became an extremely outgoing kind of pony- very nosy, curious, and even a little bit nippy. But, a week and a half ago, as I was stroking his nose, I - GASP - accidentally shocked him nose. It was a very little shock, but he freaked out, and has become totally shy on the ground, he won't look at me, and he won't even take most treats anymore! And it's not just me, he's headshy to every single person! I'm thinking that it should heal with time, but I don't want him to be scared of me for too long! I just love him too much! So... This is a really stupid post/question, but do you guys have any ideas of what I can do help with my pony's headshy-ness? Thank you so much

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    The same thing happened with my horse. I kissed him on the nose (not the best idea anyway) and *zap!* I shocked myself and him. I felt so bad because it really freaked him out. He didn't get generally headshy, he only really is weird about his nose when he thinks I'm trying to kiss him. Gradually he's getting less touchy about it, and only really gets fussy if its a day when he is already up tight and he thinks I'm trying to kiss him. Not that I would if he was being nervous already, but he just gets suspicious. I suspect over time my horse will realize that he isn't gonna get shocked every single time, since he is already getting better about it. I'd just give the pony time and treats and he will probably get over it. Since you already got him over his headshyness once, I'd just use the same techniques that worked before. Good luck!

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    Put cookies in your pockets, and then be interesting, but passive. Something like just brushing him or braiding his mane, but quietly with him tied or loose so that he can reach around and look/smell you and smell the cookies. Let him approach you in a way that lets him not feel trapped/forced.

    In effect he is treating humans like they are covered in an electric fence. sounds like a smart and respectful horse.
    Freeing worms from cans everywhere!

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