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    Question Attitude Toward Stallion a Sign of Foaling?

    Very curious about this... The one side of Ralando's pasture is by the soon-to-be-foaling broodie pasture. A mare that I knew was very close to foaling walked over to Ralando and had a "meet and greet" across the alley. No in-heat type behavior or stallion posturing, just a quiet meeting between the two. Watching the whole exchange got me wondering if a mare's attitude toward a stallion act/can act as one of the indicators of foaling? Is this the mare's way of letting the stallion know she'll be back in play in a matter of days?

    Love to hear what others' experiences are, especially those members whose stallions live in herds or herd-like environments.


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    I do not have a stallion here, but did have a similar thing happen.

    I went out one eve to do night check and noticed my about to foal mare was doing the rumbly nicker thing(like at feeding time) to the only "male" on the property, a 2yr gelding. For some reason I decided to check her again in 3 hours(2am). She smelled like she was sweating, or about to sweat even though she was dry, no milk or wax, but decided to bring her in. Wouldn't you know it, by 3am we had a big healthy colt!
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