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    Oct. 5, 2009

    Default Spin off* Bruno Delgrange fit

    So I have this affliction were I can't seem to stop myself from saddle window shopping. And sometimes buying, whoops!

    I love Bruno Delgrange saddles, at least the ones I've sat in.

    I normally would say that I probably need a 17.5 in a jump saddle. My old Prestige wAs an 18" and it was just fine. And I have also had a 17" prestige that was "ok"


    Is it possible that this saddle could fit as the flaps are extra long?
    I would probably get in trouble if DH new I was even thinking about buying another saddle, but I have always yearned for a BD and this one actually fits my budget.

    Someone tell me my behind is just too big so I don't have this one shipped to try

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    Apr. 28, 2008


    I usually use a 17.5 and my PJ is an 18 and fits me well. I think they run a bit small (at least the PJs do, I have not sat in a Partition).

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    Jul. 1, 2003


    I couldn't get the link to work but I am going to venture a guess you are looking at the saddle with the 5A flap. I agree the PJ's by Bruno Delgrange run a hair small. The original is the Bruno Delgrange Virtuose so it has a deep seat which will also make the seat feel smaller.

    Let me know if I can answer any other questions

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    Feb. 13, 2005
    Columbus, OH


    I wouldn't try it. Most Prestiges marked 17" run large and actually measure closer to 17.5". A few of their models measure a true 17", but it's very common for them to run large.

    By contrast, Delgranges tend to run small, so a 17" Delgrange is going to ride more like a 16.5". Notice how far forward the pommel nail is on that Delgrange, and you'll see why Delgranges tend to ride smaller than they measure.

    So in your position, it's probably smart to stick with 17.5" and 18" Delgranges. There are plenty of 17.5's out there on the used market, especially older ones. 18's are a little harder to come by at $2300, but you'll see them now and then.
    Head Geek at The Saddle Geek Blog

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    Oct. 5, 2009


    Thank you! That's what I thought, I was just so excited by the price

    I'm not really looking to buy a saddle, but I will check out the links j4j

    I have only sat in my students BD and they are skinny preteen girls so I knew their saddles were too small.

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