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    Dec. 16, 2012

    Default Grazing Muzzle Won't Stay On...

    I just got a Best Friend's grazing muzzle for my horse. It looks like it fits perfectly to me; not too tight but not too loose either. Once I put my horse in the grass pasture, he'll go roll or rub his head against one of the trees and it'll slide right over the top of his head and onto the ground. Does anybody have any ideas on how to make these muzzles stay on better?? Thanks in advance.

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    You could try putting an inexpensive but well fitting leather halter over it.

    The ones I have seen that work best fit fairly snugly around the nose, and have little play in them.
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    Try fastening a cribbing strap (old stirrup leather will work fine) to the crownpiece of the grazing muzzle, tape it down, then fasten both the muzzle and then the cribbing strap, the latter nice and snug. It will be plenty loose when the horse puts its head down to graze and will keep that sucker ON.

    I have just been using the strap and muzzle this year on my Shetland and it works even better than fastening the muzzle to another halter. It's a lot more comfortable for the pony, too.
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    Mar. 12, 2009


    I put a halter over top - or use the kind that attach to a halter, have had much better luck with them than the all-in-one kind. For the ones that attach to a halter, the power of zip ties. I actually have also found that they seem to stay on a little better when they are on the bigger side - seems counter intuitive but when they push down on things to take it off, it slides further back on their faces, making it harder to catch it on the edge of something.

    Good luck!

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    My experience is the same as CalPal I have an XL muzzle that I attach to a snugly fitted (breakaway) nylon halter. Big enough that it won't rub (had issues with this before) but NOT coming off.
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    Duct tape it to his mane. I know someone that does that with halter removers.

    OK OK! How badly do you want it to stay on?

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    Jan. 3, 2013


    My guy is a master at taking off his muzzle and has already removed and broken 3 grazing muzzles each a different brand. One had to be tossed. One it was the buckle so it's now super glued and duct taped. One he broke the snap so it's now a carabineer. Anyways I've found that the one that looks small on him is the one that stays on. It's tighter around the nose and is adjusted to the same length as the larger one but there is just less wiggle room between his face and the muzzle. I feel bad because it doesn't look as comfortable but he has to wear one he is already chubby and the grass is in full force.

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    Braid the mane around the crown of the muzzle. Or, have a braid up near the bridle path then run a short piece of bailing twine through the top of the braid, around the crown of the muzzle, and tie.

    This is such a tricky situation, because I find you either have a break-away halter/muzzle that is easy to get off, yet low chance of injury, or you have a muzzle that's more difficult to get off, but higher chance they get caught up and have an accident. You'll have to decide which is best for you and your horse. Luckily, the horses that are clever enough to get them off are usually smart enough to hold still if they get caught on a fence or tree, but that's not always guaranteed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargzng386 View Post
    My guy is a master at taking off his muzzle and has already removed and broken 3 grazing muzzles each a different brand. One had to be tossed. One it was the buckle so it's now super glued and duct taped...
    If it is a Best Friends muzzle, the buckles are replaceable. They usually come with a spare.
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    Nov. 2, 2009


    I use the easy breathe one piece muzzles, and put a fly mask on over the muzzle. So far it has worked...this is the second season doing this on a muzzle releasing savvy horse.

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    May. 8, 2009


    We've had the best luck with this one: (Didn't know if this is the Best Friend muzzle version you have, but we couldn't keep the standard ones on to save our lives).

    I have NO idea why this works, but we wrap duct tape around every adjustment point on the thing. I adjust it fairly snug, and then wrap tape around all the little plastic sliders. If it's not taped, it comes off almost immediately, taped, it stays on all day. And I had a lot of failures, including putting a halter over the muzzle and duct taping them together, and the loop around the neck. Someone mentioned taping the adjustment points to me and I thought they were crazy. Gave it a try, and, low and behold, on it stays! Good luck!

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