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    Jun. 28, 2012

    Default Stable Blankets in Summer

    Any suggestion for a cool stable sheet that would keep some of the urine/manure stains off of a grey horse (white)? Horse stays very clean outside however when stalled overnight you get some pretty interesting patterns on the coat.

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    Jun. 1, 2002


    Either a fly sheet or a cleaner deeper bedded stall. When I rode a grey horse I always timed her bedding switch out at home for the night before hauling out, and bedded her deep at the show.

    If it's in the 50s she would wear a light sheet.

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    Feb. 14, 2008


    I have a pig of a grey. I will be checking out your replies!!!! I have spent the last 2 months trying to get a pee stain out of his stifle!!!! He must sleep on the same side every night.....

    Last summer I just bathed him the night before a competition and the morning of.
    We need a full body (legs included) sheet.

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    Feb. 5, 2002


    My gray event horse liked using poop for a pillow at events - not at home! We got good at early morning, minimal water sponge baths. Miracle groom waterless turns them a lovely shade of mint green. I think I had the best luck with Orvus, followed by baby wipes. My current gray horse is a princess and won't lie down in his poop, which he carefully deposits at the back of his stall, though sometimes he's forced to lie in pee. He acts a little miffed when I have to clean it off of him, like he's embarrassed that it's there at all.

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    Sep. 2, 2008
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    I've used this overnight at shows before. Worked pretty well and he never seemed to get hot in it.
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    These look great but
    A - they are in Australia
    B - they are pricey
    Smart design though.
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