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    Default Lost my cat but yesterday morning I got her back!

    On 4/22 the power company's tree cutters started working on my road. Shorty the sort of tame (to me) feral cat HATES things like that and usually disappears until they are gone. So when she didn't return that night I wasn't worried. Then she didn't come back the next two nights but I figured she'd be back the next morning because they were done. But she wasn't. So then I knew that something had happened. I searched the whole property and the one next door (very wild, overgrown and with tons of junk!) for signs of a body, coyote attack, anything. My friend and I searched the roads. On Fri. night I made flyers and on Sat. morning I put them at every house in the vicinity where she liked to go. The one I left on my fence post out front was torn down which was odd, I thought maybe someone might have her and not want to return her. But then Fri. morning a lady came to my door and said she had a cat in her attic (in a trap) and she thought it might be mine. So I went over, wrestled a large, very heavy raccoon trap out of this TINY attic hole and poor Shorty was popcorning around it like a wild thing! I took her home in it and brought it back then had to dash to get to work! Shorty had been gone 12 days! And for at least a week of that and I suspect for most if not all of that she was up in that attic. To their credit once they realized there was a cat up there they put food and water up there but they couldn't catch her or even catch a glimpse of her of course. But they could hear her. So they put the trap up and caught her right away. Thank God it was not really hot during that time, attics will cook you down here if it is hot! Not sure WHY they didn't call me right away when they first got notice of a missing cat and they knew suddenly they had a cat in their attic! But whatever, she's home and no worse for wear and I HOPE she has learned to stay OUT of people's garages and definitely OUT Of their attics! (they had left the ladder to the attic down which is how she got up there, then they closed it at night). I wish I had a bigger house and could bring in all the wild ones. But I don't.
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    I bet you are really happy and so is she "They had left the ladder up there", means an indoor ladder, which begs the question "how did she get into the house without being noticed?
    An elderly friend opened the door one winter and TWO cats rushed in and ran up the stairs to the highest floor.
    She let them stay, come in and out. But how do they know its going to be a safe house when they don't trust humans?

    i know MVP will respond here

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    I will respond! From the cat's point of view.

    First, Feral Girl wasn't lost for a few days. No, she wasn't at your house, but she knew where she was (not with the scary tree guys) all the time. Perhaps you were lost with respect to her.

    Then-- sometime later when the thrill of the attic hiding place wore off-- yeah, a cat might admit that this new universe sucked. The only time the concept of "lost" comes up is when they can't figure out how to get back. You have seen it-- sci fi movie people talking about getting back through a multi-dimensional worm hole in the universe to the previous space/time location. Same for a cat in an attic or a trap.

    It is cool that you and the trappers did *so* much work for kitteh. We always tell people to trap 'em, but how many people have a trap or would go to the effort?

    And FWIW, I always look at Missing Cat posters. My heart goes out to the people who love their cat so much that they'd make those and put them up.

    So glad you got your cat back. I think you can legitimately give her a stern talking-to about leaving when the going gets rough. She might not tell you, but I'll bet she *has* noted the location of the bad attic that didn't work out for her.
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