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    May. 5, 2013

    Default Wanting to expand my horizons

    I'm basically a permeant fixture at my barn, been there for years and hope to stay there for a while. i love my trainer to death, she KNOWS her stuff but is pretty short on finances and runs a pretty small operation. I want to take some lesson with the some bigger trainers in the area, namely a woman named Karina who came over from Germany about 8 years back, iv run into her at a few smaller shows and think she is pretty great.

    I am interested in taking some LESSONS with this trainer, not switching barns, not changing trainers but I really don't want to hurt or offend my current trainer in any way. i am very hesitant to do any sort of training because my trainer has made it very clear that she dislikes way big barns run and what she calls "big barn syndrome" when kids only get to compete when and where their barn says they can.

    What are your thoughts on this. Do you think i should stay only with my trainer or go for it. I just really don't wan tot do anything to jeopardize my relationship with my trainer.

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    Jun. 7, 2008
    now in KCMO, and plan to stay there


    Since you apparently have a good relationship with your current trainer, why not just tell you are curious about possibly getting some 'more tools for your riding toolbox' by having a fresh set of eyes critique/advise you occasionally. If she seems supportive, then you can let her know how it goes, when you do go take some lessons elsewhere. If she freaks out, then just go have some lessons wherever else you want to, attend clinics whatever, but do not feel any need to tell her unless you are taking your horse off the premises to ride in a clinic that she is not also attending. If you do attend a clinic somewhere, you would of course have to let her know your horse will be away for the duration. (You could of course say 'big name trainer is doing a clinic in the nearby town next month, and I plan to go audit that")
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    Your trainer should be bringing in other trainers for small clinics, taking some of you to other barns for clinics and so on.

    That is what many do here, where competing is about learning and getting better and you do that best by expanding horizons.

    You may want to suggest something like that to your trainer?
    She is losing a great opportunity herself also, stuck with just doing her own thing.

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    I think a good trainer sees the need for her students at some point, to step outside and expand their experience.
    I always cringe when you hear about trainers who never let students clinic or take lessons with other trainers. Everyone can benefit from numerous approaches. there is always more to lear, even for the trainers.

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