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    Dec. 5, 2012

    Default Tips for worming?

    We just finished day 3 of my gelding's Powerpac, and he is not happy. My husband has to hold his head so I can get him to take it. I try to go slow and keep everything relaxed, but my usually relaxed TB is now a hot mess because he knows what's coming.

    Any help?

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    With the powerpak dose, I will give half, wait a couple minutes to makes sure they've swallowed it, then give the other half. I find horses tolerate that better than the whole powerpak volume at once, and a few minutes delay between doses is not enough to be a problem.

    When I worm a horse, I face the horse standing slightly to their right shoulder, stick my left thumb in the right corner of their mouth, pressing the thumb against the cheek, and wrap my fingers around the halter. This allows for a secure hold of the mouth and head. Holding the worming syringe in my right hand, I then insert the tube along my thumb, angle it across the bars and to the back of the tongue. Push plunger in one swift motion, remove syringe and either let horse go (if they're one to swallow right away) or hold up head and massage throat (if they're one to spit it out.)

    I've wormed a lot of "impossible" horses this way and never have any troubles.

    You can also get fenbendazole LIQUID which seems to be pretty palatable and dump it on his grain.

    To prep him or make him happy about worming for the future, save a couple of the powerpak syringes and fill with applesauce or something else tasty, and dose him daily with that.

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    I use basically the same method as Simkie, also with good results.

    Only thing I would add is that if you've been doing it from the same side over and over and they're getting grumpy, sometimes switching to the other side will help a little.
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    One quick tip is to make sure you don't inadvertently jab the horse in the roof of the mouth with the syringe. I see people do that a lot.
    I approach slowly and rub the side of the horse's face with the syringe until they're quietly accepting it, and then I slide it into their mouth.
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    Honestly, I do it all in one fell swoop. Then I praise praise praise with sugar cubes and petting and pleasant voice. I notice that carrots and other treats aren't nearly as effective post-medication as sugar cubes, so I use them as a special post-medication treat. I also support the jaw with my hand as I dose so that the horse doesn't spit it out. I hold the jaw up over my head if I think the horse is going to spit medication out.
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    Next time just use Quest

    But, if for some reason Quest is not a viable option because of the horse's specifics (too young, too old, too thin) then yes, the liquid Safeguard (usually seen labeled for goats) is the same concentration - 10% - of fenbendazole, so dosing is the same. 4.6mL per 100lb, round up liberally. It is pretty much tasteless and nearly always gets eaten without any problem in the food.
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    I have one horse who is bad, bad, bad for worming. I've had this horse for 20 years and neither I nor anyone else has been able to fix it. However, if I lip chain her, she takes it no problem- no fuss, no fight- just says yes mam.
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    We give all wormers in their beet pulp along with any other supplements. They gobble it up like it wasn't there. It's a non event ! We just did Power packs a month ago and day 5 was the same as day one.

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    I had success with a horse that was a nightmare to worm by working with him between wormings -- save the empty wormer tube, then fill it back up with molasses and "worm" the horse maybe once a week, then less often. That horse ended up loving his worming sessions, and didn't mind the occasional real wormer at all after a short time. The best part was the look on his face after he put up a huge fight over the first molasses dose. So confused!

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    I always saved one and 'wormed' with applesauce frequently. Then make sure you give another applesauce after the real thing, horse ends up thinking it just got a bad batch occasionally. After awhile you can discontinue the placebo.
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