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    Default Great research on the early 60s office decor & cars- Scenes with horses...not so much

    The second season of Mad Men (HBO)

    The inaccuracies of the stable, riding gear and types of riding done by the society/corporate wives are gag - worthy. If you need to drop a few pounds please watch.

    I have spotted colored helmets circa 80's, Spanish tops on boots- boots that are so big they just slide off, corporate wives showing up in full makeup and actually grooming their own horses, peacock safety stirrups, a comedian that actually referenced dressage, modern saddles half assed braids on too long manes for lessons (Correct me wasn't that about the time roached manes were in vogue?)

    I'm surprised I haven't seen a late model El toro tractor in the background
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    I dont remember roached manes, corporate wives wore makeup but I do recall them handwallking to graze (but not groom) and my instructor had been on the cuban dressage olympic team, so dressage existed. Everyone rode in double reins even we kids.

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    I haven't seen the show but my friends love it - Patey(?) hard hats came in colors and the boots I remember were real stove pipes with some serious wrinkle action at the ankles and about a four inch gap below the knee too. I remember seeing roached manes on the photos of Army mounts, but weren't they a decade or more before the series' setting? The Stubben Siegfried could be bought by 1970, and probably earlier.
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