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    Oct. 1, 2004
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    Oh, Lord, that would have given me a heart attack. I don't mind snakes, but he's very well camouflaged. Odds are, I'd have stepped on him and scared the crap out of us both.
    Jer 29: 11-13

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    Jun. 15, 2002
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    There was a little black racer that lived at the barn I managed and we took turns scaring the crap out of each other. It was very cute and I didn't mind it. We also had big yellow rat snakes and we had plenty of rats to keep them busy. I was happy when I saw some baby rat snakes!

    I had a run in with a couple sketchy snakes that I am still not too sure what they were as they always caught me off guard and made me run away screaming like a little girl. One was extremely fat and thick dark brown/black with a bad looking shaped head and I think it was moccasin. Almost stepped on its head when I was leading a horse out and stopped short. It looked at me and was not scared, but thankfully I had our extremely young and demanding WB that started stomping an putting on a show because I stopped him in route to turn out, so he scared it off.

    My least favorite snake that I ever found was a coral snake! I still thank God that I turned the barn lights on or I would of met him in the dark. I was walking down the barn aisle and he was slithering up. He saw me and turned around and left the barn. I probably could of thrown a brick at him and killed him, but my friend was afraid I miss and then we would be in trouble. Although from what I read coral snakes are fairly docile and usually bite people by accident and they also have small mouths so usually they get fingers. I never did see it again.

    This was in central FL. I am sure there were other snakes around that I never saw and thats fine with me.

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    Aug. 24, 2003
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    Every summer I find baby garter snakes in my hay stacks. I have a ClearSpan and they love to hang in the hay and sun themselves. Also find shed skins of adults. So far noting more menacing, thank goodness.

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