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    Question Helping friend sell horse - how much to charge?

    I am helping a friend with the sale of a horse and she keeps asking me how much i will charge. Shoul i go with a set fee or a percentage? Horse will probably sell between $1200 and $2500
    I am taking sale pictures and videos , writing the ads, placing the ads and helping to show the horse. What's the going "good guy" rate?
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    If you are an ammy and want to stay that way the rate is zero. Otherwise, I would go with a set fee since the estimated price is pretty low.
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    for that price?

    let her take you out for dinner.

    To me that falls under 'friend services', I don't charge, but food and drink is always welcome!
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    Here, if you broker the sale of a horse, friend or not, generally the charge is 10%.
    Even for a friend, if you are providing a service, it is ok to charge for it.
    You can waive it if you want, of course.

    I have heard that some of the higher end professionals are charging 15%.

    If you are selling your horse thru a trainer and the buyer is also working thru a trainer, it is customary for the seller to pay and both trainers to share 1/2 and 1/2 any commission.

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    Assembling the pictures and videos would not be a huge investment (time or cost); assuming this was my friend and I could get it done in 3-4 hours or less, I'd just do it as a favor. Or like someone else said, She could take you out for dinner or to the movies or something.

    But, do think hard about showing the horse to buyers --that part of the project has potential to be a huge time-suck and source of tension. Talk through exactly how that is going to work so there are no hidden expectations on either side.
    Regardless if it's a flat fee or % of sale price, it will not feel like adequate compensation if you're still being asked to show him to buyers 8 mos from now. Or if the owner had a perfectly good buyer for $1,200 but refuses because she wants $1,500 and not a penny less g-dammit! What would happen if she decides to lease the horse instead of sell? How many days a week are you available to show the horse? Is it a long commute for you to get to the barn-- what would be your fuel cost? ....Just stuff that's worth discussing in advance.

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