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    Default How long to wait before turning mare out on Fescue after she foals??

    A fescue related question from me...

    How long after foaling should mares/babies be kept off fescue?

    My baby is now 4 1/2 weeks old and we are almost done fencing in the back pasture (new farm, all new fence) I'd like to turn them out so 1) I can quit/cut back feeding my nice alfalfa hay and 2) I won't have to keep mowing the pasture, it's already been mowed once and needs it again. It's a beautiful stand of fescue with a touch of bermuda and I've been told that after 4 weeks the mare and baby should be fine to start eating fescue. (I do know that I need to gradually increase the time spent grazing.)

    Need to add that I highly doubt it is endophyte free. But on the plus side it hasn't had any livestock on it in 10+ years.

    Opinions?? I've been lucky in the past to have eariler babies and bermuda pastures...

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    Fescue is a problem pre-foaling. You could have put her back out there the day she foaled
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    ^^Yes, they can be turned out on fescue right after foaling. But as you already stated you do have to do gradual reintroduction just as you would on any pasture grass.
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